Razer Mantis Gaming Surfaces

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If I could change anything about the Mantis “Control” and “Speed” I would either make them much smaller, or much larger. For high sensitivity gaming, where you don’t need much movement, so why make it so big? If it were…

Silverstone FP54 Vacuum Fluorescent Display

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Digital character displays have put system information and other useful data right at the end user’s fingertips for many years now. While there are only a handful of companies who manufacture them, most have to spend a large amount of…

Matrix Orbital MX610

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Are you looking to spice up your case mod with a multi-function LCD panel that gives you tons of tweaking ability? While the MX610 is not for the novice, it gives plenty of power to those who want it... and…

Thermaltake Matrix VX Case

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Many gamers feel they have to trim the system to keep their machines light enough to lug around but it stands to reason that the lighter the essentials, essentials like the case itself, the less of the important stuff you…

Asus and Foxconn: Opposite approaches to the nForce 590 SLI

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WITH A SIX PACK of Serial ATA RAID, dual Gigabit Ethernet controllers, High Definition Audio, and a whopping 46 PCI Express lanes, NVIDIA's nForce 590 SLI chipset is easily the most feature-rich core logic chipset available for AMD's new Socket…

OCZ GameXStream 600W Power Supply

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As far as I can say, the OCZGXS600 is an excellent performer. It is certainly refreshing to see such a compact design that packs a powerful punch while being virtually silent. The good news is, all that comes at a…

ECS C19-A SLI 30-day Test Drive

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The C19-A SLI is still one of the best value boards available. At less than US$80, it offers a feature-to-performance ratio that most manufacturers can only dream about. That doesn't mean it is perfect, but it may be as close…

Corsair Nautilus 500 Water Cooler

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To the point, though. For $150, you could either outfit the perpetual in your system with good, silent air cooling, or the Nautilus 500, and considering that you'll be running just one fan instead of several, it just makes sense…

Some numbers - help explain the situation AMD is facing

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The point of all this is not to say that AMD is doomed, but to point out that this is a company that's going to have a hell of a time staying where they are the next couple years mostly…

Ultra MicroFly Case

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Ultra Products has entered the fast growing Small Form Factor (SFF) case market with the MicroFly. This case is made to be lite yet strong for traveling to LANS. Does it make the grade and have enough features to compete…

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