Top Dual/Quad-Core CPUs: Enticing Heights

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"It was not difficult to come up with a topic for our today's article, because many readers demanded this very analysis: comparison of top processors from Intel and AMD. Even though we state repeatedly that these products differ very much,… Go To Full Article

ASUS M3N78 Pro AM2 Motherboard Review

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Overclocking this board took a lot of trial and error, but I finally managed to get it stable and good to go. The CPU core voltage maxes out at 1.30v on this board, so you are limited in how far… Go To Full Article

Raidmax Iceberg Case Review

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The Raidmax Iceberg impressed us with its sturdy and quality construction. We were definitely not expecting an aluminum case to be so strong, but the thick aluminum of the Iceberg makes it one of the strongest cases we've seen. The… Go To Full Article

ASUS P5Q-E Intel P45 Motherboard Review

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Today I am looking at the Asus P5Q-E, one of Asus' three budget-minded P45 motherboards, this one supporting CrossfireX, with two x 8 slots, and one x 4 slot (the primary PCI-E slot is x 16 when a single video… Go To Full Article

GELID GC-1 Thermal Compound

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When it comes to thermal compounds, there used to be only one real choice; Arctic Silver. Unless you were building OEM type systems and selling them to others, AS was really the only viable choice for a quality high performance… Go To Full Article

BFG GTX 260 896MB Video Card Review

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Both the GTX 260 and the GTX 280 were launched a little over a month ago and while the higher end 280 was available immediately at launch, the less expensive 260 was greeted with a paper launch. Since that time,… Go To Full Article

Palit GeForce GTX 280 Review

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Underneath almost every GTX 280 cards sticker is the same card in the GTX280 family of cards, with differences being cosmetic in nature in almost every case. There are a few bold partners who make spec changes and such, but… Go To Full Article

G.Skill F2-8800 Pi Series DDR2 CL5 4GB Kit

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The G.Skill Pi Series goes a completely different route, than other high-end memory today. Instead of pushing the envelope on voltage, it gives you some crazy performance at default or close to default DDR2 voltage. Go To Full Article

Lian-Li PC-V1010 Aluminum ATX Case

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The Lian-Li V1010 is the successor of the very popular V1000. It now incorporates some of the new and unique features, which you will find in the X2000 or X500, at a much lower price point. Go To Full Article

Coolink Chillaramic Thermal Compound Review

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Today for review I've got a new entry into the thermal compound competition, it's from Coolink and it's called Chillaramic. The '-ramic' part of the name denotes that it is a ceramic based compound, something that is sort of rare… Go To Full Article

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