Auto geek hits highway for surreptitious runs in jet-powered VW

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The Navy surplus General Electric T58-8F is that menacing, giant cigar-like item sticking out of the VW's hatchback. When he fires it up, standing next to it is a bit like standing next to one of the engines of a…

ATI and nVidia - Can They Do No Wrong?

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First of all, what people need to understand about the GPU business is historically a major slaughtering of the competition only occurs when the other falls flat on their face. So if the green team falls flat, the red team…

ASUS AGEIA PhysX Hardware Tested

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We're still a little skeptical about how much the PhysX card is actually doing that couldn't be done on a CPU -- especially a dual core CPU. Hopefully this isn't the first "physics decellerator", rather like the first S3 Virge…

Cooler Master May 2006 Contest

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This month we're giving away Cooler Master's newest power supply - iGreen Power 430W! Everyone can use a free high efficiency power supply to curb those rising electricity prices. The most important piece of information for every…

2x1GB DDR Memory Roundup: Corsair, Mushkin and OCZ

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Games such as Battlefield 2, F.E.A.R, Quake 4, and more recently Oblivion are setting an obvious trend that will only continue. If you’re a serious gamer then you really should have 2GB of fast system memory, and if you currently…

Thermaltake Maxtrix VX Case

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In the Matrix VX Thermaltake combines two segments which have been very important to their success over the past few years- aluminum cases and LAN party cases. These two go together quite well- the light weight of aluminum makes it…

Mushkin Announces New HP2-5300 4-4-4-10

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Mushkin is proud to announce yet another addition to our High Performance DDR2 lineup! Today Mushkin released the 512MB and 1GB HP2-5300 rated at 4-4-4-10. Contact your Mushkin representative to place an order today!

Seasonic S12 600W Power Supply

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There are a lot of expensive power supplies on the market but unfortunately most are expensive due to gimmicks like flashy LED fans, see through PSU containers and detachable cables. What you should look for instead is for a power…

Corsair Nautilus 500 External Water Cooling System

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Of course, this isn’t the company’s first water cooling endeavor. You might remember a full- blown water cooling solution called the Corsair COOL. This product featured several components very similar to the vaunted Swiftech water cooling series. The Nautilus takes…

asetek VapoChill Micro HSF

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When all is said and done, it appears that the folks at asetek have done their homework. While the concepts of using a refrigerant as a cooling medium have been around for some time, the required condenser and airtight components…

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