Working at Microsoft, the Inside Scoop

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Responding to the public interest, a long-time Apple and UNIX user/programmer, and a JPL/Caltech veteran, writes an insightful, articulate essay on the good, the bad, and the in-between experiences of working at Microsoft; concentrating on focus, unreality, company leadership, managers,…

PowerColor Radeon X1800 GTO

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Suffice to say that Powercolor has an excellent mid-range performer in the market that offers seriously good performance for your bucks. Pretty much all games can be played at really good resolutions, you are no longer bound to a 1024x768…

Sony DRU-820A DVD Burner

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Sony’s DRU-820A is a complete retail internal DVD burner with fast, DVD-RAM compatibility and comprehensive Nero software package. In typical Sony style, the drive also looks great and would make a neat upgrade for most typical desktop…

Super Talent T1000UX2G5 2GB PC2-8000 Memory Kit

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DDR2 memory technology has been pushing the envelope in terms of memory clock speeds and tighter latencies as of late. Many enthusiasts were pleased when clock speeds hit the 800MHz mark last year, but Super Talent has eclipsed this mark…

Intel Unveils Mobile Processors with 5.5W Power Consumption

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Without much hype Intel Corp. introduced its new mobile processors with ultra-low power consumption at Intel Developer Forum in Beijing, China. While the new chips cannot boast with two processing engines, they have record low consumption of energy and are…

Panasonic to Ship 103-inch Plasma in December 2006

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In a move to 1-up itself in the plasma display market Panasonic showcased its 103-inch plasma TV at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday for its Closing Bell. At 103 inches Panasonic's product will be seen as the world's largest…

ATI vs. NVIDIA Gameplay in Oblivion & WoW

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[H] Enthusiast covers three of MSI’s video cards and turns it into a Red vs. Green shootout that compares real-world gaming and Widescreen gaming too. As well as Oblivion and WoW, they show gameability in BF2, CoD2, F.E.A.R., Sims2, and…

Thermaltake Tai-Chi Water Cooled Case

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Thermaltake provides the Tai-Chi in two versions, one with pre-installed water cooling and one without. Obviously the water-cooling equipped Tai-Chi comes with a hefty price tag and is one of the most expensive cases. Gazing at this behemoth one would…

Gainward to refresh their 7800 GS AGP to 7900 GT specs

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We’ve heard solid rumours that Gainward have a fantastic new card on the way, and it’s a refresh of there most ambitious GPU to date, the AGP 7800GS. The new refresh will be known as the BLISS 7800 GS SILENT…

Zalman HD160 HTPC Case

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Zalman have produced yet another excellent product. From design through to implementation the HD160 is ideal for any home media centre application and its faults are far outweighed by its amazing aesthetic and acoustic performance. If the Zalman HD160 HTPC…

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