Powercolor to sell NVIDIA under new brandname

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Zotac was the surprise of 2007, when the company backed up by PC partner decided to do Nvidia only. PowerColor doesn’t rest and wants to do the same. That is how the Hero brand was born. We got confirmation that… Go To Full Article

ATI HD3850 price drops under €120

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We were pleasantly surprised to find that Jetway and Palit HD3850 256MB cards were listed and available for under €120 in Germany. The cheapest comes from Jetway and it's available at €118, here. Several retailers have listed Palit's HD3850 at… Go To Full Article

Worldwide PC processor market hits record levels of unit shipments

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IDC has a conservative forecast for PC processor demand in the first and second quarters of 2008. "While processor shipments typically decline about 6% to 7% between the fourth quarter and the first quarter, economic concerns in the US and… Go To Full Article

Intel P45 has PCIe 2.0

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Intel changes its chipsets every year. The new chipset usually launches in late Q2 and lives until Q2 next year. This cycle was a bit different as this time around Intel made two high end chipsets X38 and X48 while… Go To Full Article

Skulltrail cannot do Tri SLI

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We learned that Skulltrail eight core platform won't support Tri SLI. Skulltrail motherboard uses Nforce 100 chips that provides dual SLI capability and each chip supports two slots. As Intel has two of these chips, it can power two plus… Go To Full Article

Vista SP1 will be out "soon"

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Some analysts think that SP1 might encourage those who had been holding back from Vista adoption to sign up. Another school of thought says that Microsoft had tainted the whole release and big business will probably wait for Windows 7. Go To Full Article

Chips cooled with noise

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LIQUID COOLING of computer chips and other heat intensive technology can be boosted by blasting sound waves at the coolant. The New Scientist reports that researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have come up with sound… Go To Full Article

Why Nvidia delayed the 9600

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NVIDIA found a small percentage of GeForce 9600 GT boards exhibiting a voltage transient on the NVDD power supply during certain applications. They have reason to believe that this may cause a system hang under certain conditions. In order to… Go To Full Article

Blizzards hit mobo shipments

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HEAVY SNOW in the People’s Republic of China is causing drifts preventing motherboard makers from making as many printed circuit boards as they would wish. According to Digitimes, the heavy snowfall in Changshu and Kunshan have caused some manufacturers to… Go To Full Article

Software Tool Strips Windows Vista To Bare Bones

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A free software tool that promises to strip down the Windows Vista operating system -- which even some Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) officials have called "bloated" -- to a minimalist state is attracting big interest on the Internet. … Go To Full Article

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