IEEE will write 40, 100 Gbit/s Ethernet specs

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Engineers struck a consensus this week to pave a road map to both 40 and 100 Gbit/second options for Ethernet networking. The IEEE is expected to set up an official task group to start writing specifications for the data rates… Go To Full Article

PowerColor Radeon HD 2600 XT 256MB Card Preview

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PowerColor, unleash the gaming power. No so long ago AMD released the Radeon HD 2900 series and along with that introduction came as well the low-end and mid-range products to go up against NVIDIA. Well, now that we are a… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 7.7 Performance Analysis

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As we roll into a new financial year we find ourselves again with a new set of catalyst drivers for the month of July. Though this month the Catalyst Performance Analysis is getting a bit of an overhaul. The X1950XTX… Go To Full Article

AMD has problems with power leakage on their 65nm CPUs

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Yesterday, we said we would talk about the prospects of AMD getting competitive K10 chips out. We've suspected based on circumstantial evidence that AMD's core problem has been the 65nm SOI process. … Go To Full Article

Gang Kidnaps Gamer to Get Password Using Fake Orkut Date

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An armed gang of four kidnapped one of the world's top RPG gamers after one criminal's girlfriend lured him into a fake date using Orkut, Google's social network. After sequestering him in Sao Paulo, they held a gun against the… Go To Full Article

GeIL announces high end DDR3 Modules

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GeIL joins high end DDR3 memory makers GeIL has launched a new line of DDR3 memory products and GeIL is going straight for the low latency market. Sometimes it’s just better to wait a little bit before… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Cosmos ATX Case Review

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Cooler Master's latest case is the Cosmos RC-1000, this case aims to offer very quiet operation and with its four big aluminum handles the design of this case definitely stands out from the crowd. The Cooler Master Cosmos case features… Go To Full Article

Samsung's 32GB Solid State Drive

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So for mobile devices, look for one already using it or if you’re upgrading a recent notebook make sure it’s SATA. As far as we’re concerned with performance desktops, the alternatives still offer better value and a performance then the… Go To Full Article

Intel QX6850 Quad-Core CPU - 1333MHz FSB

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For the most part the 266MHz (or 1066MHz quad pumped) FSB has been the big power behind the success of the Core 2, now Intel has upped this to 333MHz (or 1333MHz quad pumped). Today we are… Go To Full Article

Jetway 966PDAG-PB Motherboard Review

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This P965 board is slightly faster or on par with P35 boards. On top of this, Jetway uses solid capacitors, nowadays only found on expensive enthusiast boards. If you don't have lots of money, don't care about RAID - Windows/Linux… Go To Full Article

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