Thermaltake PurePower 600AP (600W) PSU

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The 1999 created, taiwanesische company Thermaltake a term might be as manufacturers of high-quality cooling solutions and housings today many. Since 2002 Thermaltake with the "PurePower" series manufactures also power packs. From this we received the second-strongest representative with 600W…

MSI K8N Diamond Plus Motherboard

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The K8N Diamond Plus motherboard uses the nForce 4 SLI x16 chipset, the newest beast from nVidia. This chipset gives you a total of 32 PCI Express lanes for graphics cards alone; this means you get full speed PCI Express…

Living in the Past - 486 is good enough

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One of the major reasons he managed to “put up” with a 486 was because he was kept out of the loop, not having particularly computer literate friends (yours truly excepted) or even having the Internet. He didn’t know about…

XpertVision 7600GT Sonic Voltage Mods

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The XpertVision 7600GT Sonic we reviewed just a short while ago is one of the most unique 7600GT in ther market, not just because of it's higher than reference clock speeds, but more so because it is one of the…

Kingwin KF-25 Data Dock 2.5" HDD Enclosure

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Over the last few months, Kingwin has sent me quite a lot of products to review for them. So far to date, all of their products have lived up to expectations and performed well. The product under the scope today…

Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350

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We all have heard of TiVo. The concept is a brilliant yet simple idea. Data (TV signal) streams into your TiVo box and from there, into your TV. Along the way, the TiVo stores that data allowing you to rewind…

Corsair Nautilus 500 Water Cooling Kit

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High end water cooling for $159? Less than 15 minutes to install? Corsair's newest water cooling kit, the Nautilus500 makes some pretty bold claims. The Nautilus500 is a not so subtle reminder that Corsair does a lot…

The Creative X-Fi Scandal - Popping and crackling noises ahoy!

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The media around the world already covered it and revealed all these issues many months ago. Creative even confirmed some of these issues. Today after many months, we did a little research to find out what has happened since then.…

ThermalTake Volcano 4005 - compact all-in-one WC kit

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ThermalTake is known for producing exceptional coolers for processors and cases with thermal efficiency in mind. Back in the days of the AMD AthlonXP, they had a series of coolers labeled under the Volcano name. At the time, my favorite…

Maxtop CSX-CM03B Mid Tower Case

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Since the Maxtop CSX-CM03B Mid Tower Case does not have anything that screams for attention, it would be a good option if you wanted it for a home office, family room, or possibly to serve as a home theater computer…

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