Zaward Gyre Flow Heatsink Review

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The Zaward Gyre (ZCJ010) is a box of a heatsink. There is of course adequate clearance around the CPU socket for memory and VRM heatsinks and such, but at first glance it's not exactly clear how the Gyre works. A… Go To Full Article

Indonesian Overclocker Reaches 750Mhz FSB with E8500 CPU

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Finally i managed to break FSB 750 MHz with GIGABYTE EP45T-Extreme, and this is a new FSB World Record Go To Full Article

PowerColor unveils its watercooled Radeon HD 5870

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As promised earlier this month, PowerColor is releasing a watercooling-ready Radeon HD 5870 equipped with a waterblock from EK. Officially dubbed LCS HD5870, the card has been announced today and, as you can see below, it's looking good. Go To Full Article

Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB: SATA 6Gb/s Performance Preview

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See something strange, the read burst rate of 2766MB/s and write burst of 2705MB/s are incredible for single drive performance but like most synthetic test results, they are not a true indication of actual platform performance. The reason for these… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 5970 (HD 5870X2) Benchmarks Posted By Aliens?

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DJ was kind enough to provide us with a glimpse of the performance to expect from this card when it releases. The drivers used are unknown at this time, but the GPU-Z shows as version for the Direct3D driver.… Go To Full Article

Asus "Voltage Tweak" HD 5870 Passes 1Ghz on GPU!

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The ASUS EAH5870 comes from ASUS at reference frequencies with the GPU set at 850MHz and a memory frequency of 4.8GHz. We first started our overclocking by leaving the fan speed on auto and voltage at defaults and tried to… Go To Full Article

Intel® Launches Core™ i7 Custom Desktop Challenge

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Intel® Launches Core™ i7 Custom Desktop Challenge Madshrimps is proud to be an official partner of Intel's Custom Desktop Challenge, this year you have… Go To Full Article

Ubuntu to battle Windows 7 on netbooks

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Microsoft Windows 7 has only been available a few days, but competitors are already calling out the new OS. Canonical, the publisher of the popular Ubuntu Linux OS, said it is ready to compete in “real head-to-head competition” with Windows… Go To Full Article

AMD increases pricing on HD 5850 ? +$20 due to lack of competition

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AMD has just announced yesterday an increase in the price on the HD5850 The justification is, as usual, the increase in prices of components, storage, logistics, etc. that "forcing" companies to revise upward their products. News… Go To Full Article

MSI Big Bang TRINERGY Motherboard Pixellized

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MSI’s Big Bang P55 motherboard has made quite a splash with the Lucid Hydra 200 chip to enable multi-GPU computing without any SLI/CrossFire software. This revolutionary board is expected to make an official debut on Oct 29th, but the site… Go To Full Article

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