Scythe launches first ATX Case, Calls it INNOVATOR

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Scythe launches first ATX Case, Calls it INNOVATOR FudZilla has more info here: Scythe always tends to come…

Build your own 9-Cell Battery for the MSI Wind

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Fed up of your puny 3 cell-er? Dismantling the battery couldn't be any easier, although putting it back together might be a little tricky. A quick trial fit and here it goes. There's plenty of testing to do, charging and… Go To Full Article

Identifying Which NVIDIA GPUs Are Defective in Dell/HP Laptops

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So now that HP's joined Dell in releasing information on which laptops have those defective NVIDIA GPUs, we can sort of piece together which chips are faulty -- and just as had been rumored, it looks like basically every Geforce… Go To Full Article

Intel E8600 overclocked to 6.44Ghz on LN2

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Cooled with LN2 the new E8600 Intel CPUs are real overclocking champions. We already seen overclocks as high as 6205Mhz. Now Coolaler pushed it a tiny bit further to 6235Mhz. Go To Full Article

Nvidia considering to pulling out of the chipset business?

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We're hearing more and more rumours about Nvidia's chipset business and how the company is losing support from the motherboard manufacturers and according to a story on The Inquirer it now looks like even the really big guys are pulling… Go To Full Article

US wastes billions on rubbish IT

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US GOVERNMENT auditors at the General Accounting Office (GAO), the investigative arm of Congress, have released a study (pdf) identifying more than 400 federal IT projects worth about $25 billion as poorly planned or underperforming. Though primly… Go To Full Article

UnMouse cheap multitouch prototype

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A Microsoft research team has delivered a prototype called the UnMouse that could really be a big hit. This unit is a mouse pad sized sensor that is multitouch and pressure sensitive. It is flexible and thin enough to roll… Go To Full Article

ASRock Announces P45TS / P45TS-R Motherboards

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ASRock Announces P45TS / P45TS-R Motherboards ASRock is delighted to present 2 new P45 motherboards to you. So, what are the differences between… Go To Full Article

ECS A770M-A Motherboard Review

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The ECS A770M-A motherboard is based on the AMD 770 chipset and supports the latest AM2+ processors available (up to 95W TDP). It provides four DDR2-1066 capable sockets, one PCIe 2.0 x16 slot, eight channel HD audio and eSATA. This… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Toughpower Cable Management 650W Preview

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Wow, time sure flies by. Precisely two months ago, I was still sitting in a classroom, scribbling down notes and preparing for exams. Then there's the excitement of the stuff I have planned for the summer after exams. And of… Go To Full Article

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