hardware Wrapping its Downloads in Bloatware

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Well this is a bummer. Let's just hope this is a trend that doesn't catch on. Thanks to everyone that sent this one in. At, page designs have been repeatedly tweaked over the years to promote its TechTracker updater… Go To Full Article

Syabas Launches Popcorn Hour C-300

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The previous version was based on Sigma's SMP 8643, and the C-300 is based on the SMP 8647. The SMP 8647 SoC (with a 800 MHz MIPS CPU at the core) is also a part of the A-300. Except for… Go To Full Article

Facebook glitch offers peek into Zuckerberg's private life

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A security flaw in Facebook's image reporting tool has been blamed for the unauthorized viewing of private photos, including those belonging to site founder Mark Zuckerberg. Go To Full Article

IBM to Produce Micron's First Commercial 3D Memory Chips

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IBM and Micron Technology, Inc. announced today that Micron will begin production of a new memory device built using the first commercial CMOS manufacturing technology to employ through-silicon vias (TSVs). IBM's advanced TSV chip-making process enables Micron's Hybrid Memory Cube… Go To Full Article

Google Earth, other mobile apps leave door open for scripting attacks

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In the rush to create mobile apps that work across the leading smartphones and tablets, many developers have leaned heavily on web development tools and use embedded browsers as part of their packaged applications. But security researchers have shown that… Go To Full Article

Rayman Origins (XBOX 360) Game Review @

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Rayman Origins from UBISOFT sees us catapulted into the Rayman universe once again in a whimsical 2D side-scrolling platform; the latest in a unique series of games that started with the release of Rayman in 1995. Go To Full Article

Silicon Power Diamond D05 750GB USB 3.0 @ techPowerUp

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The Silicon Power Diamond D05 aims to combine the stylish look and feel of brushed Aluminum with a good price/performance ratio. We take a look a the unit to see if all that shines is golden, or if the D05… Go To Full Article

Facebook Flaw Lets You View Someone's Private Photos

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Flaws like this one are actually kinda funny. You know, funny in a "how in the hell did they overlook that?" kinda way. I avoid this problem by letting everyone view my photos by default. Clicking on the option to… Go To Full Article

The Five Stages of Griefing: Death of the Consoles

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PC Perspective has just posted an editorial today called "The Five Stages of Griefing: Death of the Consoles." It's funny, no matter how many times we see these "BPC" articles (blood pressure checkers), we all feel the need to jump… Go To Full Article

128Gb, 20-nm flash chips to sample soon at IMFT

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Intel and Micron have hit a couple of new milestones that should pave the way for cheaper, higher-capacity solid-state drives later this year. The two companies, which collaborate through their joint venture IMFT, say they've kicked off mass production of… Go To Full Article

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