Intel prepares to kill off the Pentium 4

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TheInquirer lets us know that Intel is planning to retire the Pentium 4 line of processors, with the Pentium D to follow not long after: "Intel Pentium 4 524 and 521 are to die in February too.… Go To Full Article

Review Overview 31/1 PM

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- Mobo: ASUS "Republic of Gamers" Commando – P965 to the limits - Mobo: ASUS COMMANDO motherboard - PSU: 2the Max GPX 750 Watt Power Supply - CPU…

Convert Physical Machines to Virtual Machines for Free

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VMWare has released some very cool piece of software that allows you to convert a Physical OS installation to an OS image which can be used on any hardware! "Use the intuitive wizard-driven interface of VMware Converter… Go To Full Article

Bill Gates has encountered a problem and needs to leave...

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On the Daily Show, a popular US Comedy show Bill Gates was invited for an interview... it didn't go all to well it seems. Hit read more to see the Youtube video, click the title to see a screenshot of… Go To Full Article

Windows Vista Gaming Performance - NVIDIA and ATI Compared

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If you're planning to jump into the deep Vista end of the Windows pool, you should be well informed, how does NVIDIA and ATI cope when playing games in VISTA? PC Perspective has the goods: "Looking at… Go To Full Article

DRAM sales grew 16% in Q4

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At the end of 2006 more memory was sold, people preparing for VISTA launch? "Korea continues to rule the roost in worldwide DRAM shipments, holding 44.7% of the market, while Taiwan has 17.8% of the market.… Go To Full Article

IBM Announces 45nm as well: good news for AMD

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45nm possible for AMD too? But how soon? "The IBM announcement bodes well for AMD, which has a manufacturing contract with IBM to make some of their processors. AMD and IBM will probably be a bit behind… Go To Full Article

Overclocking Core 2 Motherboards

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ExtremeTech did a FSB overclocking test with different motherboards and chipsets: "Faced with five motherboards to review, including Nvidia 680i- and Intel 975-based boards, we decided to take a slightly different approach, to veer off from our… Go To Full Article

Workaround Confirmed How To Install Vista Clean

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If you buy a Window Vista Upgrade version, you have install an older version of Windows before you can upgrade, even if you try to do a clean install... some people have found a work-around: "Now, however,… Go To Full Article

AMD Surpasses 25% of x86 Microprocessor Market

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Although the enthusiasts out there are switching to Intel, the deal AMD made with DELL and other large OEMs is paying off: "Intel Corp. controlled 74.4% of the x86 chip market in Q4 2006, AMD owned 25.3%… Go To Full Article

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