OCZ intros the XTC 2 memory cooler

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The OCZ Technology Group aims to help out RAM modules cope with the hot summer and overclocking sessions and to do that it has designed a new XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) Cooler. The second revision of the XTC cooler measures… Go To Full Article

Western Digital intros own-brand SSDs

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WD has announced its SiliconDrive III product range based on SiliconSystems' technology and targeted pretty much at the same networks: communications, industrial, embedded computing, data centre, aero-space, military and OEM medical markets, which prize reliability and data integrity highly. These… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 9.6 Drivers Released

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Catalyst™ 9.6 brings performance benefits in several cases where framerates are CPU-limited. Some measured examples are: z Company of Heroes – performance improves up to 25% with HD 4600 series products and below as well as… Go To Full Article

Demigod Gameplay Performance and IQ

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Not very much is known about the technology engine behind Demigod. It appears to be related at least to Supreme Commander’s graphics engine, but that is based solely on the graphical appearance of the game. The graphics options in-game are… Go To Full Article

Intel’s 2H09 roadmap is revealed

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Compiling data from Taiwan's motherboard makers, Dodgy says there is a spate of new processors to be launched by Chipzilla later this year, including a Core i7, several Celerons and new single- and dual-core Atoms. A new… Go To Full Article

Foxconn Inferno Katana P55 board spotted

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Previously viewed in the nude at Computex, the P55-powered Inferno Katana can finally be seen in all its glory, as images of the board with its cooling system installed have become available. The upcoming Quantum Force series product comes with… Go To Full Article

Sapphire Radeon HD 4730 pictured

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Slowly but surely the RV770LE-powered Radeon HD 4730 is making its way to the retail chain and, for starters, it's coming from two board partners - PowerColor and Sapphire. The PowerColor model has already been seen here, while the Sapphire-made… Go To Full Article

Asus' 4GB Mars dual-GPU card up for pre-order ($1,680 / 1,218 Euro)

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If money is no problem then we, or better yet, Asus, has one more thing you can spend it on - the limited edition Mars graphics card which boasts no less than 4GB of GDDR3 memory, and two GT200 GPUs… Go To Full Article

Noctua intros two Xeon 5500-compatible coolers

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Austrian company Noctua has now revealed a couple of solutions aimed at keeping Intel's Nehalem-flavored Xeon 5500 server CPUs happy and cool. First up, there's the NH-U12DX 1366 which measures 155 (H) x 126 (W) x 90 (D) mm, weights… Go To Full Article

Radeon HD 4790 reported being in the works

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According to info floating around the interweb, AMD is going to let its partners release a new Radeon HD 4700 series cards that's not powered by a 40nm GPU. The Radeon HD 4790 is supposed to feature a 55nm RV790… Go To Full Article

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