Online Test Measures Speed of your Brain

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According to CNet, a company named Posit Science has produced an online test using Flash that uses sounds to measure the speed of your brain down to the millisecond. According to the company, the test 'measures auditory processing (listening) speed—one…

Hypertransport co-processors take us back to the 8087

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THE SON of the Alpha EV7 bus, also known as Hypertransport these days, aimed to provide for very versatile functionality from Day One. That's whether we talk about cache-coherent NUMA-like SMP (but without most of NUMA latency penalties), or high-performance…

Aussie clock cockup confuses computers

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THOSE WACKY ANTIPODEANS have left themselves open to all kinds of misery by changing the date on which daylight saving time ends. While World+Dog put their clocks forward an hour today, Bruce+Dingo are waiting until April 2nd so as not…

Scythe Samurai Z CPU Cooling

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Scythe makes and presents beside exhausts, a constantly new number of radiators and further PC accessories mobile. Like that it is not amazing that a further Scythe radiator, the Samurai Z found, the way into the Technic3D editorship. Apart from…

New 17" SLI Turion 64 Notebook Specs

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Second SLI Turion 64 laptop to show up, the Arima W830-DA is following the 19" Clevo M590K notebook with a 17" TFT version of the powerful NVIDIA nForce4 SLI chipset and the NVIDIA G70M/G71M Ge7800 graphic card, with MXM connector…

Ultra Products X-Finity™ 600 Watt PSU

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The X-Finity™ uses a new cabling system they call FlexForce cables. The FlexForce cables are good looking with a titanium finish. Ultra suggest the FlexForce cables offer 30% better airflow compared to stock cables. The FlexForce cables are lengthy and…

Zalman HD160 HTPC Chassis Giveaway

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Win yourself the new Zalman HD160 HTPC Chassis before anyone can buy it! This is a 2 week easter egg hunt and the winner gets the actual case reviewed on VH.

Samsung HT-P38 5 Disc 800 Watt 5.1 DVD/Receiver HTiB

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With Home Theatre systems on the rise, more and more people are rearranging living rooms to suite their needs. Today we look at Samsung HT-P38 - 800W HTiB (Home Theatre in a Box) that will not only fit in most…

XG Duro 900W Power Supply w/ Quad +12V Rails

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The XG Duro 900W Power Supply with Quad +12V rails is obviously going to turn heads. No matter how you swing it, 900 watts is a lot of power. Some may say it's way too much power and not necessary.…

Thermalright adds X1800/1900 compatibility to their V-1 Ultra VGA cooler

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Since ATI released their next generation graphics technology in their X1800 series and X1900 series, we have been receiving numerous enquiries about the compatibility of our V-1 Ultra. As we’ve stated in our previous news release…”V-1 Ultra, the VGA cooler…

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