Logisys Clear Acrylic Case

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Are you sick of having a computer case that doesn’t make much of a statement? Do you want your room to look like something straight out of a gamer’s den? Logisys realizes that some of you do, so they make…

Patriot PC2-5300 2GB DDR2 Memory

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We've covered the 1GB to 2GB debate before and needless to say there is no application demanding reason at this time to dump your current kit for a 2GB one if you're satisfied with the performance. However, we here at…

Dell 2005FPW 20.1" Widescreen LCD

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Dell has been a long-standing fixture in the LCD market. Ever since LCD displays have come down in price enough to be affordable for the regular consumer, Dell has been big on getting LCDs into the hands of consumers. The…

ENlight EN-7473 HTPC Case

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Until recently one perfectly fair criticism to be levelled at the PC was that it's too big and too ugly to be seen in any room other than the office. All that changed soon after the case modding craze took…

Spire DiamondCool II SP741B3 AMD Athlon64

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If there's one truth about heatsinks, it's that you can never tell a good one just by looking at it. The Spire DiamondCool II SP741B3 is one of those heatsinks that's just hard to peg at first glance. It's a…

First Looks at Seagate's Full Disc Encryption Technology

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Upcoming notebook hard disk drive include encryption virtually impossible to decypher if removed Seagate Technology introduced its Momentus Full Disk Encryption line of notebook drives last year along with perpendicular magnetic recording in its 5400.3 series of…

Intel to Fight Chipset Shortages with ATI's Help

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According to Intel senior vice president Anand Chandrasekher, the company's less than stellar first quarter was due to the termination of its entry-level chipsets. ATI, VIA and SIS picked up the slack when 845/865/915 supplies ran dry, but Intel still…

IE The Great Microsoft Blunder?

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All the work that has to go into keeping the browser afloat is time that could have been better spent on making Vista work as first advertised [...] If you were to put together a comprehensive profit-and-loss statement for IE,…

Thermaltake's "BigWater 745" Watercooling Kit

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Today I am going to have look at the Bigwater 745 from Thermaltake, what makes this kit different from other is the choice of radiators. Included in this kit are a single 120mm and a dual 12mm radiator, the last…

Mushkin PSUs Coming Soon

@ 2006/04/25 read/post comments(7)
During a recent conversation with Mushkin, Inc. it was discovered that Mushkin is just a number of weeks away from launching thier own power supply series. With SLI and CrossFire systems selling at higher than expected volumes there has been…

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