Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 5970 OC Graphic Card Review

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The Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 5970 OC arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will check the HD5970 in the following Review with a Resolution from 2560x1600, 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Consumption and many more in new Games, against other Graphic Cards.… Go To Full Article

Playing the Benchmark Game: Core i7 and ATI Tested in 8 Windows OS

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So, who’s the winner? Well, if you’ve scrolled to skip past the graphs, every single benchmark has a unique operating system that does best. Overall, the two most solid performers are Server 2008 32 and Vista 32. Both of these… Go To Full Article

MSI P55M-GD45 Motherboard

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MSI P55M-GD45 has all the necessary features, even offering additional support for a number of older technologies. Owners of compact PC enclosures who don't intend overclocking, may consider this model as a good deal. Go To Full Article

China shuts the door on foreign tech

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China has just introduced regulations that deal a major blow hi-tech companies outside of China. In late October, the Chinese Government posted a notice on a website requiring vendors to have their products accredited before they can be included in… Go To Full Article

Imation 64GB M-Class Solid State Drive Review

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The upgrade kit bundled with this drive will make the process of migrating from your old drive simple, whether the system is a laptop or a desktop. With the inclusion of the convenient USB enclosure and the bootable Acronis drive… Go To Full Article

Holiday gift guide for the athletes

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As an avid cyclist and runner, friends and family are always on the look out for snazzy Christmas gadgets they can get me. I understand trying to pick up gifts for athletes, especially if they already have a wide variety… Go To Full Article

Coolermaster CM 690 II Advanced Specs and Photos

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Galaxy GeForce GT 240 Video Card Review

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These prices put the new Galaxy GT 240 GDDR5 at the high-end of the range here, yet in our gameplay performance testing it came in at the bottom of the performance scale. It seems that its pricing versus performance doesn’t… Go To Full Article

Synchronize Folders Between Computers and Drives with SyncToy 2.1

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If you have a few different computers and drives, it can be annoying making sure the same data is each one you need. Today we take a look at making folder and data synchronization easier with the Microsoft SyncToy 2.1… Go To Full Article

Asus readies the Radeon HD 5770 CuCore

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The new card features the 5.8oz Copper Rod (CuCore) fansink which is supposed to keep the Juniper GPU 11% cooler than the stock solution, and has DirectX 11 and CrossFire support, 800 Stream Processors, a 128-bit memory interface, 1GB of… Go To Full Article

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