A Video Card War? . . .

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Digitimes reports that AMD will cut the prices of its HD 3850 and 3870 by $20. Given that the price of the GPU is probably around $75-100, this is a substantial cut. nVidia may follow,… Go To Full Article

E8400 versus E6850: Wolfdale dissected, Part 2

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PCGH made another test session with the 45nm dual-core part of Intel: The yet to be announced Wolfdale versus the 65nm older brother Conroe, both at 3 GHz and FSB1333. Crysis single player levels and CPU Score of 3D Mark… Go To Full Article

Price & Performance Stats for CPUs and GPUs

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Looking to buy a new graphics card or CPU, but don't know whether a particular model is worth the money? How much performance will you really get for your cash? Answers to these questions and many more are answered by… Go To Full Article

Leopard Is the New Vista

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Looks like Oliver Rist, of PC Magazine, is getting his daily dose of Mac-lover hatred due to his rather scathing editorial on Mac OS X Leopard. A lot of his diatribe sounds very similar to my own article where I,… Go To Full Article

Building a High End HTPC featuring the Thermaltake Mozart Enclosure

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The Mozart TX case can house two motherboards, a full ATX and a Mini ITX. Sold as optional components, you can add a 7” LCD monitor, and a mini ITX PSU to power the unit. The case does have a… Go To Full Article

TechSpot Holiday Gift Guide 2007

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With a few more weeks remaining before Christmas, there should still be plenty of time to buy gifts for your loved ones or significant other as well as for catching good offers on whatever geeky stuff you see fit.… Go To Full Article

Elonex LNX Cube Multimedia System

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Once again Elonex has raised the bar when it comes to the amount of features you can squeeze into one box. The level of media functionality in the LNX Cube is simply staggering. Yes the remote is horrible and the… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (G92). Synthetic and Gaming Tests

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NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (G92) 512MB PCI-E demonstrates phenomenal results almost in all tests. We've never seen a cheaper card outperforming more expensive products still available in stores. NVIDIA has done an impossible thing: it "killed" the 8800GTS (both modifications)… Go To Full Article

Glacial Tech Igloo 5710 Review

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Most computer users find the stock heatsink/fan combo to be a poor performer and usually loud. Glacial Tech has a replacement cooler for your stock HSF which is supposed to provide better cooling which being as silent as possible. We… Go To Full Article

Hot Hardware For The Holidays

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Each year we undergo a time-honored tradition of bringing you a few our picks for the hottest in Computing gear for the holidays. This year, whether you're interested in a new graphics card for rendering 3D bump-mapped sugar plums in… Go To Full Article

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