[M] AMD ATI RADEON HD 5670 1GB GDDR5 Video Card Review

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The RADEON HD 5670 from AMD represents a very nice addition to the 5xxx series, features DirectX11 support and does not need an extra power connector to function. The card was aimed from the beginning against the GT 240 from… Go To Full Article

HWBOT Memory Index v0.1

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Everyone knows that the HWBOT database is filled with benchmark results, overclocking data and so much more. One of the perks of having a database like this is not only to amuse (and annoy) overclockers globally, but mainly to analyze… Go To Full Article

Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Remote Control for Your PC

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Are you looking for a way to control your PC from across the room? Today we look at how you can turn your iPhone and iPod Touch into a remote control with HippoRemote Lite. Go To Full Article

Why Do Internet Explorer New Tabs Open So Slowly? (and How Do I Fix It?)

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In previous posts, we’ve written about the ways we’re making IE9 much faster, like the new script engine that uses multiple cores, and the new rendering subsystem that uses the dedicated graphics chip found on modern PCs. Another aspect of… Go To Full Article

Web-based jailbreak relies on unpatched iOS PDF flaw

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A new Web-based jailbreak was released recently for iPhones and iPads running the latest versions of iOS. Users merely need to visit from an iPhone or iPad to automatically jailbreak the device, allowing them to install apps and hacks… Go To Full Article

Tessellation: The Best Line Between Points Is a Curve

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Evolution or revolution? Some say that hardware tessellation is just another PR technology that is not going to bring anything new to the table. Others are convinced that tessellation implementation is as much of a deal as an introduction of… Go To Full Article

GlacialTech Released Siberian CPU Cooler Equipped the Dual fan

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GlacialTech has today announced the most attractive CPU cooler——Siberian, the Siberian CPU cooler comes as a straight out-of-the-box cooling solution with support for most AMD and Intel processors out there. For one, unlike other cooling solutions we have set our… Go To Full Article

Windows 7 x64 was the most popular OS on Steam last month

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Recent numbers from Microsoft suggest almost half of all Windows 7 users run the 64-bit version. When it comes to gamers, though, the x64 flavor looks to be even more popular. So shows Valve's Steam Hardware Survey for July 2010,… Go To Full Article

ASUS Z8NA-D6C (Intel 5500) Motherboard

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We have tinkered around with a few of the ASUS workstation motherboards here at TweakTown. These have been boards that arguably could be setup as a desktop and run to get a very good combination of features, performance, and stability… Go To Full Article

OCZ StealthXStream 2 600 W Power Supply Review

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OCZ have been highly regarded over the years as producing some of the finest memory available on the market and much in the same way as Corsair they have expanded over the years into other hardware markets to enhance their… Go To Full Article

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