Cooler Master V6GT

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One of Cooler Master's more exciting items at CES was the V6 GT air cooler. With muscle car written all over it, it's clear they're going for both performance and aesthetic on this one. Combining muscle car looks with the… Go To Full Article

Crucial Ballistix Thermal Sensor Memory Kit

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Ask any PC enthusiast and they'll tell you that system heat is a constant concern', said Crucial Ballistix senior product manager, Jeremy Mortenson. The new Crucial Ballistix kit comes with a pair of innovations in memory cooling. The first one… Go To Full Article

GELID Solutions ICY VISION GPU Cooler Review

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At COMPUTEX 2010, GELID Solutions launched their latest GPU cooler called the ICY Vision. The GPU cooler is aimed directly at the latest graphics processors from ATI and NVidia. And, since the latest GPUs produce a lot of heat, we’re… Go To Full Article

Kingston Meeting & Factory Tour

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On June 3rd, 2010, Bjorn3D and others were invited by Kingston to attend a meeting with David Sun, co-founder of Kingston Technology. This meeting was made possible to let us know about the latest products and advancements in the memory… Go To Full Article

30 thermal compounds compared

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Gigabyte HD 5770 Super Overclock (GV-R577SO-1GD)

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I do not know about you but sometimes when I go shopping for computer hardware, I prefer to find a product that is factory overclocked. Part of the reason for choosing factory overclocked hardware is that it saves me the… Go To Full Article

ASUS Rampage III Gene Review

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Want a high end motherboard but haven't got the room for a full ATX? Try the Rampage Gene Go To Full Article

AMD's HD 5550 & 5570 - Now Equipped with GDDR5 Goodness

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To retain modest pricing, it's common to see lower-end graphics cards equipped with either DDR2 or DDR3. That design choice, though, can have a major effect on performance, something that's proven twice over with AMD's Radeon HD 5550 and HD… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i5 655K

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The Intel Core i5 655K is a dual core, multithreaded CPU that is essentially just a regular chip but comes with a few significant exceptions. The first is that it has an unlocked multiplier, the Holy Grail of overclocking, allowing… Go To Full Article

Asus EAH5870 v2 Review

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Once I started pushing the card I was able to slide up to 990MHz stable with temperatures around 65 degrees. Even with that, I would consider this card to be a good overclocker, but where the v2 is special, is… Go To Full Article

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