MSI 945GT Speedster-A4R supporting Core Duo Mobile

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Core Duo is designed for the power conscious market, such as portable market, but it also has been given a place in Intel’s vision of the Digital Home. Core Duo and Core Solo are both part of the VIIV platform…

Arctic Cooling 64 Freezer Pro Heatsink

@ 2006/08/02 read/post comments(4) has posted another review. In the review they will get into the depth of the Arctic-Cooling 64 Freezer Pro Heatsink, check out it's performance, the con's and the pro's, so grab a bottle of Bawls and enjoy.

Spire DigiPanel SP203B

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Temp reporting and fan control, it gets easier to do both all the time. Not long ago we brought you a look at a high dollar system that did it all but was a bit pricey. Today we look at…

GeCube ATi Radeon X1600 Pro 512MB Video Card

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I recently purchased a new motherboard and processor. The motherboard supported PCI-Express instead of AGP so I had to get a PCI-Express video card. Well our friends over at were nice enough to send us a GeCube Radeon X1600…

Thermaltake Mini Typhoon

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The Mini Typhoon only seems to fall short by a small unit, making it an all-around good performer with one of the easiest installation methods possible. This was not a breakthrough in the cooling market, but still a small step…

SilverStone 3.5” Card reader front I/O panel (FP34)

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Lots and lots of devices these days use memory cards, and there are all types of them, but not many computers come with a built in card reader, especially one that can reader pretty much every type of card. So,…

Swiftech MCW60-T Thermoelectric VGA Waterblock

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Unfamiliar with the basics of Thermoelectric cooling? Thermoelectric pads are used to create a heat flux between the junction of two different types of materials or cooling components. The very basic explanation is that they transfer heat from one side…

Zalman CNPS8000 Low Noise Heatsink

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The Zalman CNPS8000 is pegged as a low noise, low profile heatsink ideal for compact computers, largely because it stands just 63mm tall. Aluminum fins, four sintered metal wick copper heatpipes and a forged copper base form the basis of…

Kontron 886LCD-M/mITX

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The performance of the Kontron "886LCD-M/mITX" is quite outstanding. If one ignores the "performance per Watts" values then this is the best mITX board, which we have tested so far! Definitely! By the three possible Gigabit LAN connections you have…

Antec FUSION Home Theater PC Enclosure

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The FUSION! It's finally here, Antec's highly anticipated case. Will we be disappointed or totally impressed after waiting over seven months for it to arrive? Let's find out!

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