Thermaltake V14Pro CPU Cooler CL-P0471

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Thermaltake, famed of their variety in air cooler selection, has just released their best performing CPU cooler: V14Pro. Claiming to have reached the highest cooling performance ever, the new V14Pro comes with the giant size 140mm fan, 6 copper heatpipes,… Go To Full Article

Palit GeForce 9800 GT Super+ 1GB Video Card

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It's a great time for those in the market for a new video card, in just a few short months we've seen the debuts of over half a dozen different boards. At the high-end, high-priced segment Benchmark Reviews has showcased… Go To Full Article

MSI Eclipse-SLI (X58) Preview

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We already posted the first Nehalem overclocking results done by Coolaler on an Intel motherboard, but now he's tested the new i7 technology on MSI's Eclipse motherboard. Go To Full Article

SPARKLE Presents GeForce 8400 GS PCI Express x1 Graphics Cards

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SPARKLE Presents GeForce 8400 GS PCI Express x1 Graphics Cards Taipei, Taiwan – Oct 14, 2008 - SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today presents the SPARKLE GeForce 8400 GS…

[M] Thermalright Ultra Extreme 1366 CPU Cooler Preview

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Intel will launch their new Core i7 CPU series in the very near future. It will have quite an impact as it will have an integrated memory controller, DDR3 only support, and a new Socket. Just as Socket 775 it… Go To Full Article

Intel Havendale (the one with IGP) delayed until 2010

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It turns out that a dual core IGP version of Nehalem codenamed Havendale will be delayed to 2010. The latest roadmap reveals that Nehalem with two cores, four threads, 4MB of smart cache and a dual channel memory controller and… Go To Full Article

German Alternate doing an OCZ week

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German e-tailer/retailer has started a new special deal memory week with OCZ memory. This wouldn't be so interesting but prices are just ridiculous, and DDR2 has dropped to a new low. For example, OCZ's 2GB DDR2-1066 Reaper HPC kit… Go To Full Article

Crysis: Warhead Gameplay Perf and IQ

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We have posted our Crysis: Warhead Gameplay Perf and IQ evaluation today. For those of you wanting to know what kind of performance you can expect out of the four best video cards currently on the market, today’s evaluation answers… Go To Full Article

Google's Chrome Declining In Popularity

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After launching in a blaze of publicity that even warmed Slashdot, Google's browser grabbed a 3% share of the market, but has been slipping ever since, and now accounts for 1.5%. Google has also stopped promoting the browser on its… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Problems Hit HP Desktops

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HP has revealed faults with 38 different models in its slimline PC range, sparking speculation that Nvidia's faulty GPU problems have spread beyond laptops. HP's official statement says the problems are 'attributable to the computer's motherboard" and that affected machines… Go To Full Article

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