Tagan TurboJet 1100W

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"While Tagan is not a center point with consumers for power supplies here in the United States when compared to Antec or SilverStone, they are working on improving their presence. The Tagan power supply that had caught… Go To Full Article

New MSI NX7300GS-MD256EH: Affordable HDMI Graphic Cards for Everybody

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MSI, a leading manufacturer of computer products, brings to the market a wide range of HDMI graphics cards – MSI NX7300GS-MD256EH, MSI NX7600GT Diamond Plus, and MSI NX7600GS-MTD256E. HDMI, High Definition Multimedia Interface, is…

New-look Xeons and Opterons square off

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MUCH HAS CHANGED in the realm of server and workstation processors since our last round of tests, just before Intel's "Woodcrest" Xeon 5100 series debuted. Those Xeons have now made their way into the market, and AMD has countered with… Go To Full Article

nPowerTek NPH SF775-2 Heatsink

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"The nPowertek SF 775-2 heatsink features a body made of copper fins which have been wrapped around a central copper slug. The copper column makes contact with the actual CPU core, and the heatsinks' 136 copper fins radiate the heat… Go To Full Article

AMD outlines plans for future processors

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During its four-hour Financial Analyst Day presentation today, AMD revealed new elements of its processor roadmap spanning the next couple of years, as well as its plans to scale beyond the current multi-core model. Intel talked about processors with "tens… Go To Full Article

Corsair demos PC2-10000 (DDR2-1250) at Computex

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Corsair has demonstrated DDR2-1250 on Computex2006 (PC2-10000). Is conforms to NVIDIA EPP □, it provides □now DDR2 □to save most Gao?chun: PC2-10000. Go To Full Article

3DMark 2007 Screenshots leaked

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Intel demonstrated their Quad Core CPU with this brand new benchmark from Futuremark, check it out Go To Full Article

5 Things You Can Do With Old Hard Drives

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Projects include: a Hard Drive Speaker, Tesla Turbine, Hard Driver Domonoes, HDD Grinder, and a Hard Drive Computer Case Go To Full Article

Fellowship of the Ring - HD vs DVD

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Being amazed at how fantastic the HD transfer of Fellowship of the Ring looked, I decided to compare it to the transfer on the DVD. Now, the DVD transfer is among the best you can find on DVD, so this… Go To Full Article

BenQ Announces Widescreen LCD Monitors for Gamers

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BenQ today announced four new LCD monitors designed specifically for gamers. The lineup includes the high-end 24-inch at $1499, a more economical 24-inch at $1299, a mid-range 22-inch at $549, and an entry level 19-inch at $299. Resolutions range from… Go To Full Article

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