The quantity of AMD Opterons is not strained

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SOURCES SAID that the real reason there's a shortage of Opteron 144s and 146s using the 939 pin socket is because they're way too popular as overclocker chips. Despite earlier reports, there's plenty around, but it's only… Go To Full Article

Nvidia 7800 GTX 512 still missing in action

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WE HAVE CHECKED several usual places and still cannot find a single 7800 GTX 512 card in retail. Nvidia told us that there should be some cards in retail just before Yule but we simply can not find a single… Go To Full Article

PS3 launch title is Unreal Tournament 2007

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WAY BACK in May, we had our first hints of a connection between the PS3 and Unreal Tournament 2007. At Sony's pre-E3 conference, Tim Sweeny of Epic Games showed a demo of a shooter game running on… Go To Full Article

Building a High Performance Gaming Box:

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Here in the labs we test for compatibility, performance, and stability (though not necessarily in that order). Today, though, we’ve taken a time out from absolutely punishing ICs from different manufacturers with cruel devices of torture known as voltage and… Go To Full Article

Maxtor “More Capable” of Making Perpendicular Media – Seagate Chief Executive Says

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Seagate Technology’s chief executive officer told in an interview that Maxtor, the company that Seagate agreed to acquire just a day ago, had better abilities to make next-generation media than Seagate had. But the head of the world’s No.1 maker… Go To Full Article

Beginners Guides: Upgrading A Motherboard Without Reinstalling

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"You can upgrade a processor or add a new memory module without causing so much as a blip from Windows XP, but a new motherboard can and will cause XP to stop booting altogether. Many have tried, and many have… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Mambo

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Cooler Master RS-550-ACLY Power Supply

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The latest power supply to grace the offices of Neoseeker, is the SLI ready Cooler Master RS-550-ACLY. This is an update to the previous RS-450-ACLY power supply in Cooler Master's current 'Real Power' PSU line. Featuring ultra silent operation with… Go To Full Article

Xbox 360 VGA Cable

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The original Xbox was new there were only a few ways to connect it to a display. Many Xbox gamers were also PC enthusiasts, so a VGA cable was a coveted commodity and was rare. Only some manufacturer no one… Go To Full Article

Samsung YP-U1Z 1 GB MP3 Player

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It seems if you wanted a large capacity solid state MP3 player in the past, you had to settle for a larger player size. Today we take a look at the YP-U1Z 1 GB MP3 player from Samsung that… Go To Full Article

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