Specifications Subject to Change

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You see it written on almost every product on almost every package and almost every website. We are so used to seeing it that we dismiss it without even giving it much thought, but this disclaimer gives the

Sima Hitch USB-101 transfer device

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Ever had the need to transfer files between USB-enabled devices without using the PC as a conduit? Sima's Hitch is a little, standalone device that lets you do just that without the need for a computer.

ASUSTeK PW5 DH i975X motherboard

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With a steady number of motherboards starting to trickle through that support Intel's Core 2 Duo, ASUS's PW5 DH Deluxe is, we reckon, one of the better ones around.

Shure E4g Sound Isolating Earphones Review at XYZ Computing

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A few months ago I had a chance to spend some time with Shure's E3c earphones. The goal of this product was to bring a high-quality listening experience to the earphone, a device which has gotten incredibly popular since the…

Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance

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The methodology of video analysis technologies (VAT) is very different than that of standard digital security systems. Using complex algorithms, a video analysis server will detect any number of specific behaviors and events that would fall into the ‘need-to-know-about’ classification.…

Razer Krait Mouse and Mantis Gaming Surface Review

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Being a big fan of Razer products we excited to have the chance to review their newest gaming mouse 'The Krail™' along with their new gaming surface called the Mantis. Razer was nice enough to include both the 'Speed Surface'…

Samsung SyncMaster 244T 24" WUXGA LCD Monitor

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We at BFR have reviewed quite a few LCD monitor's in our time, all of in various shapes and sizes ranging from 17" to 23" but today we have a treat. Samsung's 244T is a monster 24" LCD display and…

OCZ EB DDR PC-4000 2GB Platinum Edition Review

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With OCZ Technology coming to the memory market, enthusiasts finally had a company that was willing to provide everything wanted out of our memory and provided the best customer service on the block. They continue to develop the best memory…

Western Digital 500GB RE2

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Are you looking for huge storage that won't hurt the pocketbook? Easily done, since the 500GB RE2 drive we are looking at today retails for around $250. Does it have the performance you are looking for?

Abit KN9 Ultra

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The Abit KN9 Ultra is backed by the NVIDIA MCP55 Ultra and supports IEEE-1394a, Dual Gigabit LAN, and all of the other Abit extras we are delighted to see back. The KN9 Ultra certainly looks like it may

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