Ray Tracing and Gaming - Quake 4: Ray Traced Project

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In 2004 I started working on one of the first raytracing computer games as my student research project. As a base for this project the content from “Quake 3” was used. It was amazing how easy it was to program… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 6.12 with Classic Control Panels

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We have noticed that some people still prefer to use the old Control Panel (CP) over the Catalyst Control Center (CCC). As a result we have decided to incorporate the Control Panel into the newly released Catalyst 6.12s. Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GV-RX165P256D-RH ATi R1650Pro Video Card

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"The Gigabyte GV-RX165P256D-RH is quite an interesting 3D accelerator, offering zero decibel cooling and a very good game bundle, SID MEIER'S CIVILIZATION IV. This card could be a reasonable choice for the HTPC flocks but it would not be the… Go To Full Article

Intel Bloomfield To Hit > 4GHz and Has 8MB Cache

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Based on the 45nm Nehalem architecture, Intel aims to bring Bloomfield clock speed above 4GHz in 2008. Bloomfield will contain 8MB of shared L2 cache which is smaller overall in comparison to Yorkfield 2x6MB L2 cache. It is still within… Go To Full Article

Etasis 850 Watt PSU

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"There are only a few elite power supplies certified to run dual 8800GTXs and quad SLI and this juggernaut is one of them. The capability to run the power-gobbling 8800s in SLI says something about this PSU (Power Supply Unit).… Go To Full Article

HIS X1950 Pro IceQ3 Turbo Video Card

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Moving past the top end, the focus of this review is on ATI's X1950 Pro, a performance card that finds itself in that $199-$249 sweet spot. This is a price point that offers very nice bang-for-the-buck and is perfect for… Go To Full Article

Ocz Pc2-7200epp

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OCZ Technology Group announced back in April, the PC2-7200 Platinum Series - the introduction of OCZ’s memory line with Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP). The new PC2-7200 Platinum EPP modules showed superb overclocking abilities (DDR2 1128) with reasonable price! Go To Full Article

Foxconn Q9657MC-8KS2H

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The Q9657MC-8KS2H is based at Intel's vPro Technology supporting Core™ 2 Duo processor and armed with Intel's X3000 IGP platform. We test this motherboard with a variety of benchmarks and we test if Intel's X3000 embedded graphic… Go To Full Article

Super Talent PC2-6400

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This is the latest offer from Super Talent for fast memory at 800MHz with LE of 4-3-4-8. Decked out with thermally bonded aluminum heat spreaders, these modules offer optimum thermal performance. A real overclocker champion since reached… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Armor Jr

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“The Thermaltake Armor Jr. is a mid-tower sibling to the larger Armor series. techFEAR examines this smaller little brother and determines if it has any usability in the mid-tower space.” Go To Full Article

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