ATI Catalyst 6.11 Performance Analysis

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If not, we have changed our test system motherboard over rendering our 6.10 benchmarks useless which meant we had to test our cards twice instead of once. We thought we would take the chance though to change it up. We…

The Real GrillStation 3

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For some strange reason, as soon as the PlayStation 3 was publicly unveiled, many of you associated the console’s design to George Foreman’s Grilling Machine. [attachment] The guys over at The Real PS3 Grill,…

Dolby Headphone demos

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Dolby headphone technology is a way of getting pseudo surround sound out of standard headphones. By using encoding algorithms to vary the waveform of the music, the ear can be tricked into thinking the sound is coming from somewhere different,…

ATI/AMD Quietly Ships Mobility Radeon X1900

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Fujitsu Siemens Computers, a leading notebook supplier in the European Union, has quietly started to ship ATI Mobility Radeon X1900, the not-yet-announced graphics product from ATI, which is likely to deliver the world’s highest performance in pixel shader intensive 3D…

ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP Edition Motherboard

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After playing the second fiddle to AMD, at least from an enthusiast’s point of view, for a long time Intel finally has come up with CPU’s that, to put it mildly, kick some serious AMD butt. The new Core 2…

AMD will force ATI to keep to its schedules

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THERE IS ONE aspect of AMD's acquisition that has been overlooked by many. AMD needs graphics expertise, even the sparrows know that by now, but ATI actually needs a strong hand to keep the products coming on time.

Home made Paint Ball Mini-Gun

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Look out! It works pretty well, but the steel firing mechanism wasn't hardened yet so the triggers and the bolt began to wear down and have to be retooled and hardened before the next test.

SPARKLE Presents GeForce 7600 GS AGP PASSIVE Version to Mainstream Market

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Taipei, Taiwan -November 20 2006- SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., a professional VGA card manufacturer and supplier, today announced the new SPARKLE AGP cards to mainstream market, SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GS AGP "PASSIVE" version. Based on NVIDIA award-winning GeForce 7600 architecture,…


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The GIGABYTE 7900GS is an excellent card for the money in terms of today's performance and features, outperforming the 7900GT in many instances and outperforming ATI's X1950 Pro in many instances on the performance spectrum. This makes the card an…

abit AW9D-MAX Core Duo motherboard

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To put it into a little story I could just say abit got turned out from the hardcore enthusiasts party and did not like it one bit, so they sent the AW9D Max round to sort the problem out, the…

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