Watercooling Fluid Shootout

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There's no doubt that watercooling looks ace, and that it can cool better than air can under higher-heat circumstances. But there's also a lot of risk and a bit of fiddling with any loop. What if it leaks? What if… Go To Full Article

2 phones for everyone—if industry can't get its act together

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It's not enough for everyone on earth to have a single mobile phone—Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser thinks that everyone will eventually have at least two. Glaser spoke at this week's Mobile World Congress Conference in Barcelona, insisting that it… Go To Full Article

ASRock Penryn 1600SLI-110dB : Penryn on the 650i

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It seems as of late that the spotlight in the world of motherboards has definitely been on the Intel X38/X48 and NVIDIA 780i/790i chipsets with the introduction of the Wolfdale and Yorkfield processor families. These are the latest and greatest… Go To Full Article

Aeneon Xtune DDR3-1333 2GB Memory Kit

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Though the memory manufacturers are still designing and building new DDR2 memory modules, DDR3 memory is here and being used. There are plenty of motherboards out there that utilize DDR3 memory, and new modules are being introduced monthly. Go To Full Article

Net firms reject monitoring role

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UK net firms are resisting government suggestions that they should do more to monitor what customers do online. Go To Full Article

Porn Companies Talk Next-Gen Content

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Like it or not, the power of porn has a strong impact on the consumer market! Credited as the deciding factor in the battle between Betamax and VHS a looooooong time ago, porn also could have a similar influence between… Go To Full Article

European telcos agree to reduce roaming charges to ward off regulation

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Europeans traveling abroad will be able to send text messages and use mobile Internet services with reduced prices just in time for the summer travel season, thanks to the European Union's chief telecom lawmaker. Go To Full Article

S3 unviels new GPU, Chrome 400, DX 10.1 capable

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S3’s new Chrome 400 graphics card is Direct X 10.1 compatible, energy efficient and designed for lower power use and mobile systems. Why does this matter? Well it’s a pretty neat new chip for things like UMPCs and ultra-thin laptops.…

E6700, E6600 and E6300 discontinued

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Intel has announced that it won’t be selling some of its famous CPUs, including the E6700, E6600, E6300 and X6800. They simply reached their end of life cycle and so have the E6420 and E6320. All these CPUs belong to… Go To Full Article

Only one Nehalem comes in 2008

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By its revised plans Intel now plans to launch just one Nehalem and this should take place in Q4 2008. Intel is well known for changing its mind quarter by quarter so this might not be the final decision but… Go To Full Article

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