I-Star S-9000 Server Tower Case

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The S-9000 includes a swing out front panel door which is a nice feature for those individuals who don't want to stealth or paint stock beige coloured drives. The door encompasses the entire front bezel effectively hiding all…

NZXT Apollo Mid-Tower Case

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Founded in 2004, NZXT is another young brawler in the high-style case industry. Like so many others in the mid-priced market, its goal to provide stunning yet non-garish looks, with better quality than the cheap and shiny competition.

ThermoHAWK 200 Touchless Thermometer

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The LCD on the ThermoHAWK has digits for outputting temperature, declaration of measurement type (Celsius or Fahrenheit) plus a battery indicator. This simple yet thoughtful design continues with its single button operation. A click of the button…

G.Skill PC 4200 DDR2 F2-4200PHU2-2GBNV 2 GB Kit

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After our last High ending memory test is called it this time: "back to the roots." G.Skill offers a DDR2 PC 4200 memory, which pulls rather on the economical purse to May since at the end of. The F2-4200PHU2-2GBNV is…

Build yourself an USB Cooker

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Too crazy for words

Enermax Chakra ATX Case

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While Enermax has been manufacturing PC peripherals for years now, they have not had many home runs when it comes to designing ATX cases that have been immensely popular with enthusiasts and gamers. Enermax's latest attempt at…

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Disappointing So Far

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'Neither format is selling well or at the level I had expected. I had expected early adopters to step up and other retailers have had the same experience,' said Bjorn Dybdahl, president of San Antonio, Texas-based specialty store Bjorn's. 'High…

Where PCs Go to Die

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What to do with computers that have passed their expiration dates? John Janthor, vice president of information technology at L.A. Weight Loss Centers, is quite happy to kick over the job of getting rid of them to someone else.…

ATI and AMD ready response to Centrino

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Although AMD has made great strides in both desktop and server CPU market share, Intel is still king of the hill when it comes to mobile applications. This is due in no small part to its Centrino platform which combines…

SAMSUNG SyncMaster 244T LCD Display

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As technology races forward, one of the benefits is lower prices for former top-of-the-line products. With High Definition desktop entertainment and gaming becoming more popular, the demand for widescreen LCD displays is on the rise. The 24” widescreen LCD display…

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