Bgears 550 Watt Tarantula Review

@ 2007/12/28 read/post comments(0)'s what we need to power the wonderful toys we use on a day to day basis. Without it there is just a blank screen to look at which really is no fun. By the same token, a power supply… Go To Full Article

Jeantech Absolute 1000w Modular PSU Review

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The Jeantech Group, founded in 1989, is a professional manufacturer of high quality stamping moulds and PC chassis including ATX cases, server cases and 19" rack mount cases, etc. With factories in Taiwan and mainland China, Jeantech has been able… Go To Full Article

ECS A770M-A Socket AM2+ Motherboard Review

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The ECS A770M-A is targeted at the budget market segment for under $70.00 plus shipping. However, ECS packs in a fair amount of important features for the price. The board supports the new Phenom processors. It also has 4 DIMM… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Asks Partners to lower cost of 8800 GT

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Nvidia recently contacted its graphics card partners asking them to reduce the number PCB board layers used in GeForce 8800 GT-based graphics cards from ten to six in order to reduce manufacturing costs and so lower the card's ASP (average… Go To Full Article

[M] Cyber Snipa Tracer Mouse Pad Review

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The development in the gaming market has brought many new companies last few years; it is a booming business which brought us a total new range of products that are not solely aimed for performance. With the TRACER mouse pad,… Go To Full Article

Samsung to show off lower-profile OLED at CES

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Major consumer electronics producer Samsung is expected to show off a prototype 31-inch active matrix OLED, and to begin producing 14-inch displays in 2008. Samsung's latest prototype active matrix screen will be a 31" 4.3 mm display, slightly larger and… Go To Full Article

Microsoft's failed case against Google + DoubleClick revealed

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A set of policy position documents reportedly authored by Microsoft made the case that Google could use DoubleClick's advertising network to peer into competitors' traffic -- a position the FTC apparently rejected last week. Go To Full Article

Notebook Makers Look To Have 4GB RAM Next Year

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While first-tier notebook vendors such as Dell, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Toshiba are planning to roll out 4GB notebooks starting from the first quarter of 2008, the move is expected to give a boost to the DRAM market, according to memory… Go To Full Article

Windows Home Server Corrupts Files

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Microsoft Corp. has warned Windows Home Server users not to edit files stored on their backup systems with several of its programs, including Vista Photo Gallery and Office's OneNote and Outlook, as well as files generated by popular finance software… Go To Full Article

AMD’s Quad-Core, Triple-Core Microprocessors Slip into Q2 2008

@ 2007/12/27 read/post comments(0)
After a Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB)-related erratum was discovered in AMD Phenom microprocessors and AMD had to impose a fix that reduced performance of the CPUs, Advanced Micro Devices had to announce a new B3 stepping of the chip with… Go To Full Article

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