Zalman Fatal1ty FC-ZE1 Chassis

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Zalman already has numerous other "Fatal1ty" branded cooling solutions, but a full blown chassis is by far their biggest endeavor. Can the worlds best gamer create the worlds best gaming case? Or will this next chapter in "Fatal1ty" branded products…

Generic x1600Pro Crossfire

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The idea going into this review was to see if building a completely budget based graphics solution is a viable option. I think it is pretty clear that generic or low priced gear should not be overlooked and given a…

65nm Athlon 64 X2 Street Date?

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The long waited AMD 65nm processors have come eventually. Channel of AMD in HK announced the availability of AMD 65nm processors including Athlon 64 X2 400+, 4400+, 4800+ and 5000+on 5 Dec. This would help recover from muddle of out…

AMD Designs Prototype Media Center PC

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Resembling a stereo component, the computer is designed essentially to function as a media vault: it stores music, videos, TV shows and photos, and then pipes them to flat-panel TVs and other PCs. PC makers can, conceivably, use the prototype…

AMD Reveals More "Fusion" Details

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AMD today during its analyst’s day conference call unveiled more details of its next-generation Fusion CPU and GPU hybrid. Early mentions of Fusion first appeared shortly after AMD’s acquisition of ATI Technologies was completed a few months ago. AMD is…

Titles That Won't Launch with the PlayStation 3

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3. Call of Duty 4: Mission Accomplished Iraq 2. Sonic the Hedgehog: On Meth and Loving It 1. Super Gario Brothers: Absolutely Not Related And Not A Total Ripoff Of Super Mario Brothers

Big GPUs are set to die - First R700 info, and it is cool

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THE ATI R600 will represent the last of it's breed, the monolithic GPU. It will be replaced by a cluster of smaller GPUs with the R700 generation. This is the biggest change in the paradigm since 3Dfx came out with…

Man Used MP3 Player To Hack Cash Machines

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A man in Manchester, England has been convicted of using an MP3 player to hack cash machines. The MP3 player was plugged into the back of free standing cash machines in bars. Tones being recorded from the phone line were…

Biostar 7600GS PCIE Videocard - Excellent Gaming on a Budget

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With the launch of the Nvidia 8800 series of video cards, all other cards seem obsolete, but this is how it always happens, technology advances and those without the cash are left to make due with what they can. If…

HIS X1650XT 256MB Video Card

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The HIS X1650XT 256MB Video Card is certainly not the fastest Video Card on the planet, but it does offer a lot of value. Since it is very affordable and supports the latest games, many price-conscious buyers will be interested.…

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