Behind the Scenes of The Simpsons

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"Invitations to the table read are considered among the hottest tickets in Hollywood, and each visitor has an assigned seat. Celebrities, usually with children in tow, are a fixture. It takes about 40 minutes to run through an episode that… Go To Full Article

Handheld PC runs two OSes on two CPUs

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DualCor will ship its dual-CPU PDA-PC combo in March, the privately held start-up revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today. The company's cPC combines a Windows Mobile 5.0 system running on a 400MHz Intel… Go To Full Article

Wild 'n Wonderful World of CES Exposed

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IMAGINE A STEREO and a barbeque rolled into one. Go To Full Article

AMD party so secret no one showed up

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AMD KEEPS SECRETS so well that apparently no one showed up for its NDA 'party' to unveil the widely known FX60. The press was outnumbered by AMD and the partners, with various reports indicating that only six people showed up,… Go To Full Article

AGEIA PhysX card demo pictured

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The demo had hundreds of barrels, boxes and other pieces that you could shoot with a great cannon and create some great physics experiences. We saw the demo of the PPU card with two Nvidia's cards in SLI versus the… Go To Full Article

X1900 XT All in Wonder to follow up R580 launch

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ATI Multimedia division is working hard to prepare its flagship All in wonder card based on R580 chip. Its expected that the company plans to name this product All in Wonder Radeon X1900. The card should end up… Go To Full Article

Intel’s Dual-Core Chips to Reach 3.60GHz Frequncy by April

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Intel Corp. has not had an opportunity to boost clock-speeds of its dual-core central processing units (CPUs) significantly so far, but according to a rumour that cites roadmaps of the world’s largest chipmaker, the company would introduce a speed boost… Go To Full Article

MSI Shows Off Upgradeable Graphics Card

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For years adorers of powerful graphics boards wished that they could only replace graphics chip and memory on their adapters without dumping the whole product. MicroStar International (MSI), a leading maker of computer components, showcased at Consumer Electronics Show a… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake BigWater SE Liquid Cooling Kit

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Quote: " I LIKE IT! It's as simple as that. I'm sure not everyone out there will, but I certainly do. I find it to be an urbane, attractive setup that performs efficiently and quietly. I like quiet; ask anyone… Go To Full Article

AlphaCool NexXxoS NVXP-3 6800/7800 GPU block

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Quote: The section of the block that sits over the core is griddled to aid the water to pick up the heat better, this has two side inputs and a outlet, this ensures that water is always over most of… Go To Full Article

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