Apple unveils Core 2 Duo Imacs

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Cupertino (CA) - Apple today launched the second generation of Intel-based Imac computers, which now integrate Intel's mobile Core 2 Duo processor with "Merom" core. There is also a new high-performance model with a 24" screen that lifts the Imac…

ATI RD600 for DFI only ?

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The future of Intel Core 2 based chipsets is uncertain right now as the industry is shaken up by various new business projects, such as the merger between AMD and ATI. The word in Taiwan, where I live and…

CoolMax CUG-600B Green Power 600W Power Supply

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Today's increasing energy costs are driving consumers to look for ways to make their money go further. A new power supply can help you achieve savings depending on how efficiently the unit can convert AC to useable DC power. With…

Official NVIDIA 7900 GS Benchmarks

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The 7900 GT shows at most a 15% performance improvement over the 7900 GS. The largest performance improvement is under Oblivion at a relatively low resolution. The largest difference seem to appear at 1024x768. As we draw nearer to being…

Gainward to launch Geforce 7900 GS

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GAINWARD is getting its new card ready for the retail market. The first samples are being prepared and the specs are finalised. The company will brand the card as the Gainward BLISS7900GS PCX 512MB TV Dual DVI. Short and snappy,…

Asus jumps the gun with 7950 GT, prices start at ~€241

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WE CHECKED one of the hardware search engines and found out that Asus has actually already announced the Nvidia's 7950 GT card. The card is called by the snappy moniker ASUS EN7950GT/HTDP, GeForce 7950 GT and comes with 512MB GDDR3…

Shuttle Media Center M 2000M continues successful Media Center concept

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Shuttle Media Center M 2000M continues successful Media Center concept Intel Viiv-Technology enhances solution for the living room. Shuttle Inc., leading designer and manufacturer of Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs and accessories today introduces the… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Touts GeForce 7900 GTO Graphics Card

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Nvidia Corp. has quietly added a set of new products into the list of supported graphics cards of a new ForceWare driver. While the company remains traditionally tight-lipped over the specs, they are available in various online stores already and…

Intel Kentsfield Quad-Core Overclocked to 5.25GHz

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While Intel is going to release its first quad-core central processing unit later this year, already a substantial number of engineering samples of Intel’s chips code-named Kentsfield seem to have “leaked” to enthusiasts, who can experiment with them months before…

Sony to Delay European PlayStation 3 Launch

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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) is reported to have said that it would delay the European release of its highly-anticipated PlayStation 3 game console to March, 2007. But the company plans to deliver 6 million of its game consoles for…

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