Aerocase Condor: A Massive, Passive VGA Cooler

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Aerocase is different from other heatsink manufacturers. Their passive Condor VGA cooler is a product of Sheridan, Wyoming — not the part of the world you'd expect a massive VGA heatsink to be designed and built. The management team is…

LGA Processor Heat Spreader Removal

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In our endless attempts to squeeze out the last MHz from our processors, some of us have resorted to removing the integrated heat spreaders (commonly refered to as IHS among enthusiasts) on our processors in a bid to improve thermal…

Abit Launches 'Quad-Core-Ready' motherboards

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Abit launched its AW9D and AW9D-MAX motherboards this week, supporting the new Intel Core 2 Duo microprocessors. Both boards are described as "quad-core ready". Prices were not announced. The MAX version includes upon the basic AW9D by including seven internal…

Dell leaks NVIDIA 7900 GS specs

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THE SHARP eye of a reader managed to spot that Dell USA has already listed Nvidian 7900 GS cards. You can buy them in Dell's XPS 410 product line and if you look closely, you will see that the card…

CPU-Z 1.36 has been released

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• New processor information display. • Intel 5000X/P/Z/V SPD support. • Intel Pentium D 925 & 945 CPUs support. • AMD K8 family HyperTransport link speed.

VGA Cooler Mini-Roundup

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The Accelero was able to best all other coolers except the Tide Water, both at 100% fan speed. It was able to provide a maximum temperature rise (Delta T) of only 13C. The 6 heatpipes and different shape helped Arctic…

Intel Core 2 Duo Manual Voltage Increase Trick (pin-mod)

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The Core 2 Duos bring the joy back for the Intel Overclockers with their easy to handle heat and ample of overclock head-room. However, the overclocking capacity depends as much on the motherboards paired with them. Some of the enthusiasts…

ATI R600 has 64 real pipes

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We previously wrote that the chip will have sixty four Shader units but we never realised at the time that the design is actually built around a full sixty four physical pipes. That is what various high-ranking sources are telling…

ABS Ultimate X9: Core 2 Extreme Hits a Speed Bump

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Most of our readers are probably familiar with ABS Computers Technologies. Founded in 1990, they are one of the nation's largest system integrators. They offer everything from budget to high-end desktops, laptops, workstations, and servers. You can also purchase individual…

Thermalright MST-9775

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Thermalright has developed a product that isn't marketed at the enthusiast scene. While we're usually keen on seeing high performance high costing coolers from these fine folks, this is a change that will be welcomed by many…

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