AMD Phenom X4 9350e

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There doesn't seem to be too much special with this particular silicon. For the same price there are too many other processor choices that offer better performance in every other area - an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 is virtually… Go To Full Article

MSI Wind - upgrading memory voids the warranty

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For those who don't know, even though MSI has left a slot free for memory upgrades, the problem MSI faces is that it doesn't include a specific flap for the memory like every other laptop - you literally have to… Go To Full Article

Rosewill RX630-S-B Xtreme 630W PSU

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Rosewill has long had a reputation of providing a quality product for an affordable price. With that theme in mind, these guys have come up with a line of power supplies aimed at the enthusiast market. They still look at… Go To Full Article

Microsoft looks to 'Mojave' to revive Vista's image

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After months of searching for ways to defend its oft-maligned Windows operating system, Microsoft may just have found its best weapon: Vista's skeptics. Spurred by an e-mail from someone deep in the marketing ranks, Microsoft last week… Go To Full Article

ASUS Maximus II Formula P45 Motherboard Review

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Continuing with its impressive performance trends, the Maximus II Formula made a strong overclocking showing with both CPUs used. Overclocking with the board was done using a Corsair Nautilus 500 based water cooling unit, both an Intel E6300 CPU and… Go To Full Article

GMAIL to become available offline in 6 weeks

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Gears is one of the lesser known technologies from Google but people who live in the cloud have found it invaluable to bridge the divide between offline and online applications. The technology enables offline functionality in Gears-enabled web applications, meaning… Go To Full Article

Intel's SoC Update: 1B Transistors Embedded in 5 Years

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Intel’s Atom processor is quite possibly Intel’s most important microarchitecture, yet it is hardly discussed - mostly because current implementations are hardly interesting. Today the Atom processor is little more than a very low power x86 chip that performs a… Go To Full Article

Download DirectX 10 for Windows XP from Alky Project

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Download DirectX 10 for Windows XP is available now. You can download it ( Directx 10 for XP ) as the alpha version is said to be working by some users. It is said to work for Windows XP and… Go To Full Article

MSI Notebooks adapt Intel Montevina Mobile Platform

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MSI launches the next generation of mobile solutions based on the latest Intel Montevina platform: MSI Gaming notebooks GX620 and GX720, MSI Entertainment notebooks EX300, EX400, EX620 and EX720, MSI Professional notebooks PR621 and PR201 and MSI Aesthetics notebooks VR220… Go To Full Article

Intel Moves Nehalem Launch Forward To September 2008

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Originally scheduled to launch in November or December this year, Intel's Nehalem-based Bloomfield processors will now launch in September along with X58 chipsets, sources at motherboard makers have revealed. However, the sources pointed out that CPUs and… Go To Full Article

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