A Recycled, Fanless, Silent Woodbox Computer

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An English electronic engineer who likes making things, Bill Todd made many modifications, and created a new wood case to take this modest Pentium III system far along the road to silent nirvana. His ingenious journey involved recycling and creating…

NZXT Zero--A Case Designed for Quiet Cooling

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I am sure that many of our readers have heard of NZXT. They are fairly well-known computer case manufacturer. NZXT has been making some cool looking midrange cases. However, they are moving toward enthusiasts’ area with their latest line of…

TSMC Says Nvidia Produces 65nm Processors

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Nvidia Corp. and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said in a statement that the world’s leading contract semiconductor manufacturer have shipped the millionth processor designed by Nvidia and manufactured by TSMC. In the same note the companies said that TSMC…

Intel Core 2 Quad (Kentsfield) launches 2nd, available 14th November

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INTEL decided to paper launch its upcoming CPU, but the space between launch and availability isn't that long. The company told the world+dog that reviews of Intel Core 2 Extreme Quad Core Processor QX6700 will hit the…

NVIDIA G80 reference design done by Asus

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USUALLY MSI does reference designs for Nvidia cards. But we are surprised to learn that Asus came a long way and has created the reference system for Nvidia this time round.

Sapphire silently launches X1950XT

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We noticed that Sapphire decided to post its card specification on its web site. The card is called Sapphire X1950 XT 256MB and has a R580+ core clocked at 625MHz. It has 256MB GDDR3 memory running at 1800MHz. The card…

Silverstone releases new high end PC Chassis - SST-TJ09

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The Temjin TJ09 is the first SilverStone chassis designed with graphics card cooling as one of the priorities. To meet this challenge, a brand new mid-section air duct was created to bypass the hard drive cage, allowing the strategically placed…

AMD´s 4x4 supports four graphic cards

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Here is the answer to a big question which has bothered many of our readers. Although 4x4 uses the Opteron processor socket "F", it will not use registered ECC memory. Athlon 64 FX-70/72/74 will ask for regular DDR2 memory modules,…

Nvidia 8800GTS to cost €499 / $449

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THE LAUNCH OF G80 is imminent, and it will happen during the GeForce LAN3 in San Jose. The event website has been updated will all the necessary details, and it is interesting to see that the main partner for the…

How Blank HD-DVD and Blu-ray Discs Are Made

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Mind-blowing 14 minute video podcast that takes you behind the scenes at Imation's plant for making blank HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs. Shows the whole process from mastering to production. If you use optical media, you have to see this (src:…

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