AMD HD 3870 X2 beats 8800 Ultra in most games

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English HW site PCOnline had a chance to play around with a HD 3870 X2 sample, comparing its performance to the 8800 Ultra in different games, they found the new X2 to be a match for NVIDIA's previous tech 8800… Go To Full Article

AMD unleashes the ATI Radeon™ HD 3400 and 3600 series

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AMD unleashes the ATI Radeon™ HD 3400 and ATI Radeon™ HD 3600 series, delivering leading-edge graphics technology with full support for DirectX® 10.1, PCI Express® 2.0 and DisplayPort™ —Both next-generation series of graphics processors… Go To Full Article

Companies join together for Service Availability Middleware based OpenSAF project

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Leading telecommunications and enterprise computing companies today announced the formation of the OpenSAF Foundation. This organization is created to promote the development and adoption of an open source implementation of a high availability base platform middleware based… Go To Full Article

Mushkin Releases High Speed DDR2-800 FB-DIMMs

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Mushkin, a global leader in high-performance and system-specific computer memory products, today announced the release of high speed PC2-6400 FB-DIMMs for Apple Mac Pro and Xserve systems available in 1GB and 2GB single modules and 2GB and 4GB dual-channel kits.…

IBM snubs OS/2 open source plea

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IBM has dashed the hopes of a bunch of software nostalgics by refusing to open source its coulda, woulda, shoulda OS/2 platform. Online OS/2 community OS/2 first petitioned IBM to throw open the OS back in 2005, when the… Go To Full Article

HD3870X2 delayed, benchmarked

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AMD HAS riled world+dog by back the date on the 3870X2 launch. NDA’d for today, the twin engine graphics card was supposed to shock and awe consumers around the world as hardware sites were to publish their benchies on the… Go To Full Article

Canadian labels: We get "absolutely zero credit" for not suing fans

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The heads of several Canadian content trade groups (including the CRIA, which represents the four major labels) recently sat down with the editorial board of the Ottawa Citizen for an hour of conversation about the copyright reform bill soon coming… Go To Full Article

Thecus N299 network storage device

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Network-attached storage (NAS) used to require the support of an IT department, but these days there are many consumer products that make it simple. Buy box with drive(s) pre-installed, or empty box and your own drive(s) to put in it;… Go To Full Article

Ten Kilowatts of Power: 1000W+ PSU Roundup

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The manufacturers are getting ever higher with their PSUs, reaching the 1500W milestone already. Today we are going to introduce to you 10 units with the capacity of 1000W or well beyond that. We will discuss the solutions from Antec,… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte Volar CPU Cooler Review

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Original cooler design will undoubtedly catch your eye if you come across it in a store. Let’s find out from our new article how good this solution actually is and if it will become an overclocker’s choice. Go To Full Article

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