EVGA 7900 GT KO Superclock

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EVGA's e-GeForce 7900 GT KO Superclock is a good implementation of NVIDIA's GeForce 7900 GT SKU, boasting some incredibly high clock speeds out of the box. From our testing of this card, it doesn't appear to suffer from the third…

Microsoft unveils Vista upgrade matrix

@ 2006/07/31 read/post comments(2)
Microsoft has already laid the groundwork for confusion over the release of Windows Vista, with their announcement that the new operating system will come in as many as six different versions. A few of these can be discounted for most…

A preview of the next generation of monitors

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Current LCD technology will progressively disappear and be replaced first by monitors with CCFL tube backlighting and extended gammut, then with LED backlighting and finally OLEDs. Unfortunately, these three types of technology have been delayed. The release date is now…

Lenovo (old IBM) to sell AMD powered desktops

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Advanced Micro Devices is about to enter the market of large businesses-oriented desktop computers, if an unofficial information on the web-site is to be believed. Lenovo is projected to offer its ThinkCentre A60 desktop featuring AMD chips and targeting the…

AMD 65nm CPU Engineering Sample Hits the Web

@ 2006/07/31 read/post comments(1)
TheInquirer spotted a photo of the AMD's upcoming 65nm CPU, real or not? Time will tell Quote: But this is the…

Get ready for 200W!

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ACCORDING TO PC WATCH, the next round of GPUs are going to be really smoking, not because they are fast, but because they suck power like it is going out of style.

Power Consumption and Noise Level of Contemporary Graphics Cards

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It is no secret that as the contemporary graphics cards get more powerful and hence require better quality power supply units and more efficient cooling systems. Power consumption and the level of generated noise very often become other important criteria…

TripleHead2Go: The Latest External Multi-Display Upgrade from Matrox

@ 2006/07/31 read/post comments(0)
Matrox has released the aptly named TripleHead2Go, which not surprisingly does just what its name suggests: adds support for a third display. Now instead of only having two monitors side by side, three can be used with your system (using…

The Benefits of Hybrid Drives

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Flash memory is being integrated with the hard disk by Seagate and Samsung and onto the motherboard by Intel. Potential benefits: faster read/write performance; fewer crashes; improved battery life; faster boot time; lower heat generation; decreased energy-consumption. Vista's ReadyDrive will…

Nvidia May Enable SLI Support for Intel Chipsets

@ 2006/07/31 read/post comments(0)
As ATI Technologies is preparing to become an integral part of Advanced Micro Devices, rivals of the newly formed enterprise reportedly talk about enablement of multi-GPU supporting technology SLI on chipsets from Intel Corp. to provide enthusiasts a platform with…

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