Western Digital Raptor WD1500ADFD hard drive

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WESTERN DIGITAL'S RAPTORS have long set the performance standard for desktop Serial ATA drives. With the Raptor X, Western Digital also upped the ante on looks by offering a view of the drive's internals. Although the Raptor X's window is…

Spire RockeTeer V 500W PSU

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Spire makes power supplies? We didn't realize this until recently, so we were more than happy to give one a run on our test bench. This is obviously a product with gamers in mind thanks to its SLi support. But…

Corsair TWIN2X1024-8500 PC8500 1GB Kit

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Corsair, you know the name, it needs no introduction. You know that Corsair is some of the finest, best performing memory in the world. Today for review I will be taking a look at some of Corsair's DDR2 that is…

Sapphire Ultimate X1600 Series

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The ATI Radeon X1600 series of graphic cards has been around since October 2005 and has been offered by Sapphire Technologies as conventional graphics card. Now Sapphire is expanding their Ultimate series of quiet graphic cards with the introduction of…

OCZ GameXStream 700W

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On paper, this power supply looks like the real deal, providing 700 Watts of power, all sorts of circuit protection, multi-GPU support, Active PFC alongside claims of high efficiency and silence. When you throw everything possible into a power supply,…

Cooler Master iGreen Power 600W

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The iGreen is not about tree hugging only as the power provided for your computer is plentiful and reliable. Along with the increased efficiency, everything else we've come to expect from performance power supplies are present, such as SLI and…

Sharkoon SilentEagle 120mm Fan

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We know that golf balls have dimples and that those dimples are there for a reason, not just to look good. Well, Sharkoon has taken the same approach with their upcoming SilentEagle fan.

Mushkin 650 Watt PSU

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However I would also like to say, that while the voltages reported in windows, would drop by as much as .06 volts, actual voltage meter averaging, never went below 12.02 volts. Personally I am more inclined to believe my multimeter.…

PlayStation 2 outselling Xbox 360 in US

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Like a good soccer match, the monthly sales battles between the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 2 have a lot of exciting back-and-forth. So far, however, the PlayStation 2 has remained in control of the match, outselling the Xbox 360… Go To Full Article

ATI to use NVIDIA SLI-like bridge - Product Pictured

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The new RV560 and RV570 80nm parts will launch in August and September of 2006 and integrate the CrossFire compositing logic onboard. This will allow dongle-less CrossFire compatibility with CrossFire capable motherboards. Dongle-less CrossFire will not move all data across…

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