Xigmatek HDT SD964W Heatpipe CPU Cooler Review

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While the HDT SD964W cooler from Xigmatek isn't the best performing tower cooler I've seen, it does have a niche that many enthusiasts may want to explore. It didn't perform well on the overclocked Q6600 in the test mule, but… Go To Full Article

Was Crysis a masterpiece ahead of its time?

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Every gamer worth his salt has tackled Crysis, even today many of us have dusted it off for a quick replay. When it was released in 2007 it was a total system killer, and only a handful of people at… Go To Full Article

ECS P55H-A Motherboard

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We probably shouldn't expect much from ECS P55H-A. On the other hand, who cares about manufacturer profitability and ambitions while it produces quality, adequately priced solutions with decent features. Inexpensive models are the bulk of sales after all. Let's see… Go To Full Article

22 CPU waterblocks for socket 1366 reviewed

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He is well-known in the watercooling scene: Bundymania, the "Bastelorakel". Now the independent reviewer has compared the cooling performance of multiple different CPU waterblocks for socket 1366. This review, one of the largest round-ups of its kind, can be found… Go To Full Article

NZXT Hades Mid Tower Chassis

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I really love my position here more as time goes by, because I get to see companies evolve and get better and better with age like a fine barrel of sprits, and others, well, some of them dropped off the… Go To Full Article

Supermicro puts 2880 cores in a rack

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UPERMICRO WAS SHOWING off a bunch of high end servers and boards during Computex, most based around Magny-Cours, and a few Becton machines as well. Not to be outdone, they finally revealed a new line of modular racks. Go To Full Article

[M] Asus G51J Core i7-720QM GTX 260M Notebook Review

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Notebooks, we see them everyday. At home, at your work, on the bus,... you name it. These portable PCs are considered common now. Notebooks have gone a long way, not solely being designed anymore for the businessman. Asus is targeting… Go To Full Article

[M] SteelSeries WoW and AION Limited Edition Mouse Pads Review

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SteelSeries sell besides gaming peripherals mouse pads which are made from good quality materials, they don't slide off the table when gaming intensively and have incredibly detailed game art on them. In this review I will take a closer look… Go To Full Article

Intel Signs Death Sentence for PCI Bus: Start to Cease Support Next Year

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Originally deployed in 1993, PCI bus will not be supported by performance-mainstream and value chipsets of Intel Corp., the globe‚Äôs largest supplier of core-logic sets and microprocessors. As a result, mainboard manufacturers and makers of peripheral cards will have to… Go To Full Article

Make Your Own LN2 At Home (24/7 LN2 Cooler Imminent)

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Make Your Own LN2 At Home (24/7 LN2 Cooler Imminent) You can generate liquid nitrogen (LN2) in the comfort of your own home with some parts found on eBay. I have proven that this is possible… Go To Full Article

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