WEP security totally broken

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SECURITY EXPERTS say that the WEP protocol for security LANs is totally broken and should be dumped on sensitive networks. Boffins at Darmstadt Polytechnic said that WEP uses the RC4 stream to encrypt data which is transmitted… Go To Full Article

Intel Quad Core gets speed bump next week with QX6800

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WORD HAS REACHED our tender ears that the Intel's quad-core QX6800 will be floating around sooner than you think unless you think it will be here before next Monday. When it arrives, it will not be without flaws however.… Go To Full Article

ATI R600's secret weapon revealed: A sound card, HDMI compliant

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R600 HAS A secret weapon, an internal sound card. This is the one thing that Nvidia's G8x can't match, other than HDCP on dual-link HDMI. The ATI sound implementation is not GPGPU code. It is dedicated silicon,… Go To Full Article

AMD Claims that R600 Lacks Problems - Can Ship Today

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The R600 will be out in the second quarter. The reason we decided to delay the launch was that we wanted to have a complete DX10-enabled solutions top-to-bottom. A lot of people wrote that the reason it is delayed is… Go To Full Article

Core Micro-Architecture Comes to Celeron Processors: Conroe-L

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In June Intel is going to introduce refreshed Celeron processor family based on the new Conroe-L core. As a result, single-core Celeron processors will acquire Core micro-architecture. In our today’s preview will take a closer look at the first benchmarks… Go To Full Article

EVGA, Nvidia Say 2.4V Voltage for DDR2 is Deadly

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Nvidia Corp. and EVGA have issued a statement under which the firms claim that using high-speed memory modules, which were released to support Nvidia nForce 680i SLI core-logic’s high-speed DDR2 memory controller, with their regular voltage settings can cause memory… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Systems RAM Fan

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Every overclocker knows that heat is your worst enemy. The best components sometime just cannot cope with the excessive heat and that’s why there are tons of products on the market design to keep the components running cool. We have… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 7.3 Performance Analysis (Windows XP)

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Besides performance improvements, Catalyst 7.3 sees Crossfire dual graphics enhancements for Windows Vista particularly to do with OpenGL support. Proceed with caution though, many users have been reporting BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) issues under Vista but there is a… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Soprano DX Computer Case

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Even though there's nothing really cutting edge about it, Thermaltake has a good thing going with the Soprano Dx. The lightweight but sturdy aluminum construction along with two locks makes it practical for transporting a system to a LAN. It… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master CM Media 280 Enclosure

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With support for enough devices for a good HTPC, and the convertibility to be a good Mid-tower as well make this one case to not overlook. The CM Media 280 has sharp looks and the option for the built in… Go To Full Article

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