NZXT M59 Mid-Tower Computer Case

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I am a case snob. The cases I like are brushed aluminum, have removable motherboard trays, neatly rolled edges, finished interiors, cable management, and so forth. They have SATA backplanes and mounts for triple-120 radiators. A certain degree of style… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 9.10 vs 9.11 Windows 7 Performance Comparison

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It comes as no surprise that there's very little performance improvements when it comes to looking at the FPS. In saying that, there's a bit of movement for the HD 5850 in some areas and slightly more for the HD… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Case

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The Cooler Master CM Storm Scout Case is the next PC Gamer-Case in the Technic3D Editorship. CM Storm deploys Scout, the True LAN Gaming Chassis. Every Scout is engineered with Storm Tactics: with dedicated focus on Strength, Security and Control.… Go To Full Article

Thermal Compound Roundup - 11 Pastes Compared... Twice (Air & Water Cooled)

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Roundup 1 consists of: 1. Arctic Cooling MX-2 2. Arctic Cooling Arctic MX-3 3. Arctic Silver 5 4. GELID Solutions GC-2 5. GELID Solutions GC-Extreme 6. OCZ Freeze Extreme 7. Prolimatech… Go To Full Article

Asus Sabertooth 55i TUF P55 Motherboard

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How does military grade components, ceramic coated heatsinks and a enough features to make a glamour model jealous sound? Interesting? Read on... Go To Full Article

SilverStone SG04B-H Computer Case Review

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Sometimes you want the best of both worlds, you want a small easily tote-able case and all the graphics power of a good gaming caliber rig. I give you the Silverstone SG04. Go To Full Article

Leadtek GT 220

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There are many video cards out there to satisfy gamers, multimedia users and other 3D work related users, however there are not many video cards out there that can be used in low profile system. Not only that, but some… Go To Full Article

Palit GeForce GT 240 Sonic 1 GB

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Today NVIDIA launches their first GDDR5 graphics card. The new GeForce GT 240 is based on NVIDIA's brand-new 40 nm G215 graphics processor and features 96 shaders. Palit has built an overclocked "Sonic" Edition card that comes with high clock… Go To Full Article

New revision of Rampage II Extreme planned?

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We spotted some pictures over at the forums, where the forum member Andre Yang has posted a setup running 4xHD5870. This motherboard is undoubtedly an Asus ROG-series product as it has the TweakIT Toggle panel in clear sight.…

Geforce GT 240 gets no SLI

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If you haven't noticed by now, there isn't a single GT 240 on the market that features the SLI connector on its PCB. We found it quite awkward that not even one partner has decided to go for it, especially… Go To Full Article

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