G.Skill Phoenix Pro 40GB & 120GB Solid State Drives Review

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As SSDs grow in popularity, prices are gradually dropping for higher-end drives. It is now possible to buy one of these cutting edge 120GB storage devices for well under $250. One of the companies leading this charge towards increasing value… Go To Full Article

PowerColor Radeon PCS+ 6870

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What's unique about this PowerColor Radeon PCS+ 6870 graphics card is that it's not a reference heatsink; it's got a custom cooler and a healthy factory overclock as well, promsing some great gaming horsepower with respectable temperatures and power consumption.… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7 CPU Scaling with HD 6850 in Crossfire

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In our video card benchmarks we run a $1,000 980X at 4.2GHz and while we understand that it's not a CPU most people use, there's a logical reason behind it. When we benchmark cards we want to make sure that… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE P67A-UD7 (Intel P67 Express) Motherboard Preview

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Intel and AMD have been on the opposite sides of the CPU world for more than 20 years. Going all the way back to the days of the 2x86 when AMD had a license to make the Intel based CPU,… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Accelero XTREME Plus VGA Cooler

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The GTX465 may run cooler than other Fermi-based graphics cards, but that doesn't mean you might not want to think about adding an aftermarket solution to cool things off even more. The Arctic Cooling Accelero XTREME Plus does an excellent… Go To Full Article

ASUS EAH6850 DirectCU

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When AMD released the Radeon HD 6850 and 6870 in October 2010, they had their sights set on one thing: bringing out a contender capable of taking on the very successful Nvidia GeForce GTX 460. In order to do this,… Go To Full Article

Hitachi paves the way to 24TB disks

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The high-density technology, which equates to an areal density of 3.9TBdot/inch², could increase the storage capacity of high-end 3.5in hard-drives to a whopping 24TB. If the company can get the new format to market quickly enough and cheaply enough, it… Go To Full Article

Has Microsoft just ruined Windows Home Server?

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t does, however, have one special feature, a feature without any real equivalent in any other version of Windows, whether for desktop or for server. That feature is called Drive Extender. Conceptually, Drive Extender is quite simple: it allows multiple… Go To Full Article

Firms say that consumers want iPads, MacBooks for the holidays

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With demand for its notebooks and iPads at an all-time high, the company is predicted to have a "monster" holiday season this year. Demand is strong for new laptops, with 10 percent of those surveyed planning to… Go To Full Article

Wholesale Sandy Bridge list pricing appears

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Two days ago we looked at the latest Intel processors, Sandy Bridge information on specific models and specifications, and recent models of these 18 specific release date and price have been identified. Go To Full Article

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