The Makings of a Motherboard

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A few days back, I and a group of other editors took the plunge, going across the borders (both cultural and physical) of China into the Shenzhen province, to visit the ECSM and Golden Elite factories. In order to get…

Foxconn Winfast 6150K8MD Motherboard – HTPC users dream?

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Next up is the new and improved nForce MCP430. This new Southbridge was added by nVidia to aid the adoption of the Digital Home, similar to Intel’s DH series of Southbridges. The MCP430 adds a few extra features to its…

Recover lost partitions or corrupted data on hard drives for free with TestDisk

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TestDisk is a powerful free data recovery utility! It was primarily designed to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again when these symptoms are caused by faulty software, certain types of viruses or human error (such as…

HWBot Desktop Graphics Card Comparison

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Quick and easy access to over 200 graphics cards, find out how they compare in 3DMark01/03/05/06, check out the average overclock, thanks to HWBot and many contributions of hardware enthusiasts world wide this is made possible; So hit the site…

Mushkin Enhanced XP-650 Power Supply

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On paper the Mushkin Enhanced XP-650 power supply looks to be an excellent model, but as with everything in life never judge a product based on how it looks. PCSTATS has seen enough computer devices that promise the world, only…

Batman Case Mod Complete

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You guys will remember Qtip42’s Batman Begins Case mod in the forums right? Well, he has finally finished it and the damn thing is simply amazing. Here are a few pictures to get you started, inspirational aren’t they?

Gainward 7950 GX2 is the wanna-have top-end card

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Nvidia dropped the price to a reasonable sub $/€ 600, or around £400 in the UK, so now this card really goes after ATI's X1900 XTX as a single card rather than an attack on Crossfire X1900 XTX systems. To…

Soundblaster X-Fi Crackling and Popping Update

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Since it's introduction there have been a lot of people reporting crackling and popping caused by their SoundBlaster X-Fi making games unplayable. In an effort to fix this problem Creative released a new X-Fi driver (beta) and wrote a technical…

New In-Game Crysis Footage

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Here's 14 minutes long video (114.7MB WMV) from the upcoming first person shooter Crysis. The video includes extensive in-game footage and suggests that we can expect a lot of things from Crytek's new game engine. Go To Full Article

Close Look at Dry Ice & Water-Cooled 7950GX2 Quad SLI System

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I've had quite a few people asking me to see more of the Inno3D Dry Ice Automater and 7950GX2 Quad SLI water-cooling system we displayed at Innovision booth during Computex 2006. Here are the details of it!

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