Choosing the Right Memory for Core 2 Duo Platform

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More interesting are the results of the overclocked platform. In this case, there is more sense in using fast memory and the optimal memory frequency divisor is 1:1 (FSBRAM) as has been shown in…

Nvidia quietly introduces 7100 GS

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NVIDIA quietly introduced its next generation 7100 GS card. It is a passive card, yeah, Nvidia can be passive, that is supposed to replace the cheapest of them all, ye venerable 6200 TC. Xpervision is one of the first partners…

ATI certified memory debuts

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OCZ JUST announced the first CrossFire certified memory that I have ever seen, in fact, I didn't even know there was such a programme until I saw the release. This memory runs at PC2-5400, aka DDR2-667, and probably works well…

Abit AW9D-MAX: When "Beta" MAX is a good thing

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Although the AW9D-MAX will be going on sale shortly, Abit is still optimizing their BIOS code and we expect to see further options along with additional performance enhancements before shipment. We are very glad to report the current BIOS is…

AMD-ATI Merger Passes Through Anti-trust Clearances

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AMD confirmed this week that its merger with ATI has been approved by Canadian antitrust laws and regulations. Although AMD and ATI had agreed to a merger earlier this year -- with AMD buying out all of ATI -- the…

AMD says 65 nm chips due next month

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BEING MORE than a tad evasive on the subject, AMD looks set to ship its first 65 nm products next month (October 2006). The company's more fixated about migrating an existing Fab from 200 mm to 300 mm wafers.…

Asus to buy XFX, sources suggest

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THERE is some noise that Asus has acquired very successful XFX. XFX is one of the key Nvidia partners, small but very noisy, which is famous for its success in super high end market. The XFX company is owned by…

ATI RD600 might be a dead duck

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WE HEARD that at least a few ATI's partners are backing out of the RD600 project. ATI will have the chips ready for October but not too many motherboard manufacturers wants to step on Intel's toes and make an ATI…

Dell AMD line up revealed

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The line up is divided into Dimension, Optiplex and XPS. However, XPS will not be launched alongside the Dimension/Optiplex combination, since the company is waiting for AMD's 4x4 platform. We will give you more details about XPS line-up in a…

Abit AW9D-MAX Core 2 Motherboard Overclocking

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Intel has for the last 12 months released two different setups of motherboard circuits for the performance segment which have introduced certain complications for motherboard manufacturers. i955X was Intel's first chipset with support for processors with dual cores, while the…

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