AMD to put chip prices up

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AMD declined to comment on future pricing plans. However, one of AMD's customers has been in touch after our original story and said the prices of the Opterons is rising because they want to stop enthusiasts buying them, and buy…

Thermaltake ToughPower 550W

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Being designed to cope with a dual core SLI/CrossFire setup it comes as no surprise that the results above were very stable. With a 3 year extended warranty, dual +12V rails, and a MTBF of >120,000 hours you know that…

AMD going to release CPU with 5Mb L2 cache?

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Z-RAM promises 5 times the density of SRAM so could we see dual core chips with 5MB of L2 per core? The story also alludes to this tech showing up in AMD CPUs as soon as two years from now.…

Is 3DMark06 Really the "Gamers Benchmark" ?

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3DMark is no doubt one of the most popular benchmarking programs in the world, with everyone from newbies to power-users running and testing it on their machines. The vast majority of hardware sites incorporate this ubiquitous application into their video…

Samsung 40" LNR408D LCD TV

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This 40" Samsung LCD TV isn't the largest nor the smallest of its kind, but it hits that sweet spot in terms of a moderate screen-size that makes viewing in any sized room convenient and affordable. The LNR408D model from…

XClio 3060 Plus Mid-Tower Case & 250mm Fan Side Panel

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With today‚Äôs fast and hot running systems, case cooling is becoming more important every day. Access heat can cause instability in a computer system and can decrease the life span of various important components. Today we will be looking at…

Maxtill Mouse Pad Roundup

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Maxtill have been producing quality mouse mats for years now. They have mats for general PC users, PC enthusiasts, gamers and any other type of PC user you can think of. They have so many different types, that as a…

Thecus YES Box N2100

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Thecus' YES Box N2100 does a lot of things right. It's robust, despite its plastic exterior; it looks good, but keep your grubby hands off; it's easy to setup, both hardware and software; it's easy to use, with multiple ways…

Will you upgrade to a system with Dual Core CPU?

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AMD and Intel have no a nice product line-up of new Dual Core CPU's available in most stores. Are you going for an upgrade this year?

AMD Reports Fourth Quarter and Annual Results

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AMD, excluding the results of the Memory Products Group segment, had fourth quarter sales of $1.35 billion, an increase of 78 percent from the fourth quarter of 2004 and 34 percent from the third quarter of 2005. Comparable sales in… Go To Full Article

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