Silverstone announces HTPC desktop chassis build for Raptor X

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The CW01-WD is created for HTPC and PC enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the powerful layout from SilverStone's top-of-the-line LC18 enclosure with full view of the glorious Raptor X hard drive from Western Digital. This special edition all aluminum case…

ASUS EN8800 Series Scores 10,531 on 3DMark06

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Taipei, Taiwan; November 9, 2006 – ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (ASUS), the leading provider of graphics solutions, today announced the EN8800 series, which includes the world’s first DirectX 10-ready graphics cards and provides powerful video capability to score 10,531 on 3DMark06.… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master iTower 930 ATX Case

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The Cooler Master iTower 930 ATX Case is a definite winner. It provides attractive styling, good system cooling, extremely quiet operation, mostly tool-less installation features, and high quality construction. These are all things you expect from a Cooler Master case,…

Revoltec Gamepad Precision Pro

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Most modern mice work fine directly on a desk but in my view there is no substitue for a good mouse mat when it comes to precision and comfort. I like those huge cloth mouse mats but when Revoltec offered…

Jeantech Storm 700w

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Jeantech are a fairly unknown company when it comes to PC components. But today I have the priveledge of reviewing their flagship PSU; the Storm 700w. Hopefully my first look at their products won’t disappoint…

Asus X1950 Pro Crossfire (EAX1950PRO)

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ATI announced their X1950 Pro fairly recently. With great bang for buck and dongle-free crossfire they look to be a winner. Take a look inside as we explore single and dual-card performance

Windows Vista Review, Part 4: The Vista Experience

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Microsoft has made a concerted effort to imbue Windows Vista with a holistic user experience that was only hinted at in previous Windows versions. To understand what this means, consider the evolution of Windows: Not the pixels, widgets, and other…

Nvidia to announce Forceware 10.something driver

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NVIDIA is preparing a new Forceware. It first has to finish a DirectX 10 Vista driver for its G80 DirectX 10 hardware and that is priority number one. The other team is working on a new Forceware X.

Intel readies fresh price assault for January

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CHIP GIANT Intel has told its partners of price cuts it is readying for this coming January, as it steps up its attack against semiconductor contender AMD. In week 45 roadmaps seen by the INQ, it is…

Intel dumbs down dual Santa Rosa cores with IDA

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CHIP FIRM Intel will add an extra tick box to a range of Merom 65 nanometre Santa Rosa chips it is readying. The T7700, the T7500, the T7300 and the T7100 will have IDA, which stands for…

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