Dell Speaks on AMD’s Quad-Core Opteron Performance

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Following a massive scandal that was caused by “simulated benchmarks” of Advanced Micro Devices quad-core microprocessors, Michael Dell, the founder and chief executive of Dell, the world’s second biggest supplier of personal computers (PCs), said that AMD’s code-named Barcelona chip… Go To Full Article

In-game advertising to be dynamic

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Prior to this point, advertisements in games were displayed on pre-defined points, such as the side of a building or a billboard. That is all about to change with the launch of a new dynamic advertising delivery system from developer,… Go To Full Article

AMD’s DDR3 comes with socket AM3 /G3

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K10 is Barcelona / Budapest, Shanghai is the K10.5 and after that comes a redesigned core that supports DDR3 memory codenamed Montreal. I mentioned AM3 socket some year ago but now we have some more details. AM3 will be the… Go To Full Article

AMD Montreal K11 is AMD's first octa core

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We had a chance to learn about AMD's late 2008 / early 2009 plans and among many we found a new name, Montreal. This is a successor of Shanghai and this is the first AMD’s server part that should bring… Go To Full Article

AMD Suzuka K11 is a desktop part

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The last DDR3 supporting CPU that we heard of is codenamed Suzuka. Suzuka is Japanese famous formula one race and it should also be a synonym for AMD’s dual / quad cores. Both dual and quad cores are based on… Go To Full Article

Where the hell is the 3G iPhone for Europe? We might know

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The only thing more slippery than an iPhoneSIMFree release date has to be the magically, mystical 3G iPhone rumored for Europe. At least with the latter, Apple has been kind enough to drop a few dreggy hints. Add 'em all… Go To Full Article

HP announces the Blackbird 002 gaming machine

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We'd heard it was coming Monday, but HP apparently decided to wait until today (because nothing else was going on, obviously) to launch its Blackbird 002 gaming rig. While HP still hasn't told us exactly what you'll be getting for… Go To Full Article

Microsoft debuts Extenders for Windows Media Center, adds DivX and XviD

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today Microsoft is announcing a reinvigorated Media Center Extender effort called... wait for it... Extenders for Windows Media Center. Ok, the name totally sucks, but the important part is Microsoft upgraded its wayward Extender system with a new version that… Go To Full Article

Touch Screen Coffee Table

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The ROSIE Coffee Table Touchpanel Controller supports all the capabilities of the Savant suite of ROSIE In-wall touch panels plus new and exciting interactive multimedia capabilities, such as integration and interaction with iTunes multimedia content, digital cameras, IP network cameras,… Go To Full Article

Air Force Mistakenly Transports Live Nukes Across America

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Surely the late Stanley Kubrick is somewhere smiling at this one. has a story about a B-52 Bomber that mistakenly flew 6-nuclear tipped cruise missles across several states last week. The 3-hour flight took the plane from Minot Air… Go To Full Article

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