Computex 2006 Roundup

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COMPUTEX IS A SPECTACLE like no other. An ocean away, in a land where most motherboards and graphics cards are born, it's almost like being dropped into the belly of the beast. The show has a different vibe than most…

Seagate Barracuda 750GB 7200.10

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Perpendicular Recording Technology is certainly the star of the show here, but Adaptive Fly Height and Clean Sweep are supporting players that simply get the job done in keeping data intact without any intervention from the user. Add NCQ, huge…

Upcoming '24' Focuses on Jack Bauer Eating a Sandwich

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While Katz declined to get specific, he did share a few moments from the episode. As CTU searches frantically for Marwan and tries to uncover McLennan-Forster's secrets, Jack's SUV power-slides into an In-N-Out Burger in Van Nuys. He jumps out,…

Workstation RAID Card Shoot-Out

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RAID isn't just for servers anymore. Luckily, as our storage demands continue to grow, the cost per gigabyte of magnetic storage is heading southward. Workstations, media center PCs, gaming rigs—wherever you're hoarding your digital video, music, photos, and crucial data—they…

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 - Gaming and Workstation Benchmarks

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Intel's Conroe or Core 2 Duo as it has been officially named, is creating as much of a buzz amongst the enthusiats as the Athlon64 did. From what we've read about this CPU, not only does it perform exceptionally well,…

Intel Set to Integrate Memory, Graphics Controllers into Microprocessors

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Intel Corp. does not currently see many advantages that memory controller built-into central processing units (CPUs) would bring, as the firm has managed to increase performance without integration of memory controller with its forthcoming Core 2 processors. Nevertheless, in future…

Intel to Continue to Lowering Pentium D Power Consumption

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Intel Corp., the world’s largest maker of microprocessors for computers, has announced that a new version of the Pentium D processor will feature 35W lower power consumption of the top-of-the-range Pentium D 960 processor, allowing the chip to work in…

AOpen miniPC MP915-B System

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The cute little AOpen mini PC MP915-B (Super Multi) system is based on the Intel 915GM chipset and supports Socket 479 Pentium M 400/533 MHz processors. There is a single 200 pin DDR-2 SO DIMM slot which accepts up to…

Cooler Master iGreen 500W power supply

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what we have here is a 500w power supply that works almost on par with it's 600 watt brethren from other manufacturers! Definitely, when taking the efficiency of the power supply into the equation, it actually performs better than a…

Dell Ultrasharp 1707FP 17" LCD

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Dell is proud of the fact that they are the world’s largest flat panel provider, and being the biggest has some benefits. Number one is that when dealing with large volumes of a product they can put more pressure on…

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