Windows Vista Build 5270

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"A while back, when Microsoft announced its decision to no longer release a monthly CTP for Vista, we were a bit worried, since we wanted to follow-up on the latest developments of Microsoft's next-gen. operating system (though… Go To Full Article

Altec Lansing iM616 Headphones

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Well when most of us think of high quality headphones we think of over-the-ear phones. You know the big bulky ones. If you own an iPod or MP3 player then you should know what ear buds are. They are small…

best gaming mouse: Logitech G5 or Razer Copperhead?

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In our last gaming mice showdown, the Logitech MX518 came on top of both the Razer Diamondback and Razer Viper. Since then however, new products have been released by both companies, and we are glad to inform you we have…

Futuremark 2006 Benchmarks: AMD vs Intel, ATI vs Nvidia

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Since the day we published the first gaming benchmarks with an Opteron and the Asus SK8N back in August of 2003 we knew AMD had taking the gaming performance crown back with a vengeance. It is pretty clear they have…

AMD's Secret Weapon: Innovative Silicon Inc?

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L2 cache continues to increase as time moves on and fabrication processes become more and more advanced. For consumer side products, using SRAM may still be practical, but what about for server and enterprise class systems. This is where I…

OrigenAE S210 case: 12 hard drive bays and 12 inch LCD Screen front

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The inside of this case is something different than anything we've seen before here at HTPCnews. If you look at the mounting system and structure of the case, it doesn't look like a metal in this picture. However, it is…

SilverStone SG01 Case

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In our latest review, we get a chance to sample the only chassis in SilverStone's new SUGO series. This soon to be expanding family will carry the small form factor enclosures without being bundled with a motherboard.…

How To Make Windows XP Shut Down Faster

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We all know that pulling the power to your computer has to be the absolute fastest but not the best way to shutdown your computer. In this 5 step tutorial we will show you how to make your shutdown as…

AMD Hits 21.4% Market Share

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Advanced Micro Devices has claimed its highest market-share position against Intel in years, cracking the elusive 20 percent barrier, CNET has learned. AMD now accounts for 21.4 percent of all desktop, notebook and server processors… Go To Full Article

Yahoo throws in the search towel

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The Internet became less interesting today as Yahoo showed signs that it has given up in its battle with Google for best search engine. The company, while not abandoning its search, isn't expecting to make great inroads with it, either.…

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