AMD's Socket M pixellated

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WE WON'T tell you too much about AMD's new socket but you have to know that it will accommodate future socket M CPUs. It is scheduled for a Q2 2006 launch. These CPUs will support dual Channel DDR 2 memory.

Seagate 7200.9 160GB: The Highest Platter Density to Date!

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Performance-wise, the 160GB 7200.9 is not a top performer when it comes to game level loading and File Zip and Unzip operations, but it's still far from the bottom of the barrel. Seagate's newest platter design, at 160GB, proves to…

Intel D975XBX: Intel brings their Bad-Axe to Market

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The Intel D975XBX is an interesting solution for the Intel Enthusiast at this time. The performance of the board was average or below in all testing phases while stability was superb. In fact, unless we were overclocking the board past…

ATI's New Leader in Graphics Performance: The Radeon X1900 Series

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The numbers really do speak for themselves: the X1900XTX is an incredible part. In the end, the difference in performance between the X1900XT and XTX versions was so small that it's hard for us to see how anyone could justify…

Albatron's GeForce 7300 GS - Faster, smaller and CHEAPER

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Albatron has announced the GeForce 7300 GS series, PCI-Express VGA cards expected to make significant waves in the market for their excellent performance ratings and very attractive prices. These cards come with recent technologies that increase performance but also conveniently… Go To Full Article

Win a Coolermaster Power Supply

@ 2006/01/27 read/post comments(0) is organising a slogan contest, winner gets a brand new PSU!

Gateway FPD2185 21-inch Monitor

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The line between the computer monitor and LCD TV has once again been blurred with the introduction of Gateway's latest 21-inch monitor, the FPD2185. While the FPD2185 isn't exactly a full-blown television, it fortunately carries some of the best qualities…

Powercolor X1300Pro Bravo Edition

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Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Powercolor’s X1300 Pro Bravo, a card set out to rival NVIDIA’s popular 6600. While the preference of pure speed over quality has been the biggest knock on ATI-based cards in…

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro Heatsink Fan

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In addition to the very popular VGA Silencer line of video card coolers, Arctic Cooling provides thermal cooling solutions for modern CPU’s and PC enclosures. The new Freezer 7 Pro (Intel) and Freezer 64 Pro (AMD) are their latest, high-performance…

Antec P180 Advanced Super Mid-Tower

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The P180 includes two separate compartments for cooling the internal drive bays which Antec calls the Upper and Lower Air Filter Doors. Each compartment includes a 120mm fan mount and swing away door that shields an air filter

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