GeIL DAViD 100 Series Dual Channel USB Pen Drive

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The GeIL DAViD 100 Series Dual Channel USB Pen Drive is a newer technology of flash drive with the rated speed of 198X (30Mb/sec Read & 20Mb/sec Write speed). The size that available for the DAViD Pen Drive…

XGI Volari 8300 Graphics Card

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ot everyone is crazy about the latest high-end graphics card, or their insane prices. There are many people who just want something simple, functional and.. cheap. If you are one of them, the new XGI Volari 8300 may just be…

Taking A Test Spin : Western Digital’s Raptor 150 GB with RAID-0

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Reports around the web have already shown that this new Raptor is a speed demon - however, we wanted to take it one step further. We rounded up a posse of these drives and went about testing them in a…

AMD takes axe to Athlon 64 X2, Turion, Sempron prices

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AMD has made price cuts across key processor lines, knocking up to 32.6 per cent off what it charges for mobile and desktop dual-core CPUs. It also introduced a new Mobile Sempron part. See the attachments for…

Seagate 160GB perpendicular Laptop HDD reviewed

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Overall we are extremely encouraged with the promise perpendicular recording brings to notebook storage. Performance of the new 5400.3 model is better than any previous 5400RPM lines, close to 7200RPM drives, and the 160GB capacity is matched only by Fujitsu's…

Next Generation of Apple Computers Will Run Windows?

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Cuptertino, CA – Steve Jobs announced the next generation of Apple computers will run a specially branded version of Microsoft Windows. "The move to Intel hardware really was the first step in bringing our computers into…

How the Alpha CPU died

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INQ HACK Nova has tracked chips for quite a while but here we have him being interviewed by Digitimes in a five part series. The first part being all about the Alpha and the Alphicide.

All in Wonder X1900 to cost $529

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WE MANAGED to snag some of the distributor prices for the upcoming X1900 cards. And we can now confirm that the official name of the new AIW card is All in Wonder X1900 PCIe 256MB. It does not come as…

ATI Crossfire RD580 boards delayed till February

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IT TURNS OUT that ATI won't manage a simultaneous launch of its two new product lines after all.The original plan was to launch its new Radeon X1900 (R580) cards together with its new chipset codename RD580-based Crossfire Radeon Xpress 3200…

Intel Set To Release Low-Cost Dual-Core Processor : Pentium D805

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In a bid to offer its customers a very affordable dual-core microprocessor, Intel Corp. plans to release Intel Pentium D model 805 chip in March, 2006. The chip will work at lower clock-speed and will utilize less speedy processor system… Go To Full Article

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