Shuttle XPC SN27P2 SFF Socket AM2 Barebones

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Shuttle's latest Small Formfactor PC is its XPC SN27P2 which is based around nVIDIA's nForce 570 Ultra chipset and supports 940-pin socket AM2 Athlon64 X2/FX and Sempron processors. There are a whopping four 240 pin DDR-2 DIMM slots, making this…

Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus vs. Thermalright V1 Ultra

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Silence is golden. Hardware gets hotter with every new product launch which in return requires larger and better cooling solutions. Fortunately 3rd party manufacturers have noticed that the cooling power and the noise level of stock products are not always…

Asus P5W DH Deluxe - Another Conroe ready motherboard

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Conroe, which is a processor Core Duo 2, requires a new compatible mother chart, with the socket 775. Until a few days ago, the only chart available (except some MSI) was INTEL D975XBX (revision 304). To put the hand on…

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for June 2006

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This advisory contains information about all security updates released this month. It is broken down by security bulletin severity. Critical Security Bulletins =========================== MS06-021 - Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (916281) Go To Full Article

3D Realms Won't Rush Duke Nukem Forever

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3D Realms' outspoken president trashes rumors that development of the long-delayed shooter will be accelerated to reap a $500,000 payment from Take-Two. Go To Full Article

PowerColor Radeon X1900 GT

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Weird .. honestly .. the Radeon 1900 GT is a little weird. Roughly 3 weeks ago ATI released yet another graphics card onto the market that comes from that successful series X1000 family of graphics cards. Targeted at the high-end…

Dell XPS M170 laptop

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The XPS M170 is a good example of the kind of deals that Dell runs periodically. Often times the price of a system is a deciding factor when assigning value to a particular machine. Many members of our forum got…

BFGTech GeForce 7950 GX2 - the best 7950 GX2 review out there! Must read.

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Is BFG’s new GeForce 7950 GX2 the fastest single video card on the planet? [H] Enthusiast uses real-world gaming and massive 24” & 30” displays to show you what the GX2 is really all about. Canned benchmarks and smaller displays…

Lian-Li PC-G50B Case

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Lian-Li is known for the great computer cases they make. Now they offer the new V series of cases, but even the classic ones have not remained unchanged. The Lian-Li PC-G50 may look absolutely tiny and cute from the outside…

Ex-Girlfriends Fake Left Leg for sale on eBAY

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Made Her Hop Her Broken A$$ Out The Door. But Since It's Only A Leg & None Of The Good Parts Are Inclouded. I Have No Use For It. So I'm Letting It Go To The Highest Bidder

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