Fallout 3 Tweak Guide

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The Fallout 3 Tweak Guide is now available. The guide is designed to complement Fallout 3 by providing a full range of resources relevant to the game, including detailed troubleshooting, tweaking, modding and gameplay information. Even though Fallout 3 has… Go To Full Article

Compro VideoMate V200F Announced

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Compro VideoMate V200F The Most Cost - Effective Way to Watch TV & Play Games on Display TV on your monitor !! With Compro VideoMate V200F, it turns all your monitor or projector into…

NOXON iRadio Cube – A Small, Smart, and New Internet Radio

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NOXON iRadio Cube – A Small, Smart, and New Internet Radio Good things come in small packages! And this little sensation delivers Internet radio without having to connect a PC. With the new NOXON iRadio… Go To Full Article

MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2008 Won by Indonesia

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The event was open to the general public and held near the Taipei computer market, although the rain seemed to have kept most of the spectators away. The teams had plenty of time to set up their rigs, although some… Go To Full Article

Shanghai K10.5 45nm rocks on 2.7GHz

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In just a few days, AMD will finally launch its 45nm server generation quad core CPU codenamed Shanghai. Shanghai will work at clocks of up 2.7GHz, while faster iterations will come next year. This is not really… Go To Full Article

OCZ sneaks out Solid SSD value series

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OCZ has been one of the most prominent actors on the Solid State Drive market over the last year and it has now announced a new budget series called the Solid Series. The new series includes three new models, 30GB,… Go To Full Article

Latest Quadro FX graphics card has 4GB of RAM

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The last time Nvidia shipped a product called "FX 5800," things didn't turn out so well. This time, Nvidia has brought back the FX 5800 moniker to define its latest and greatest Quadro professional graphics card, which packs a whopping… Go To Full Article

Intel’s plan to ride out the recession

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Intel stock has fallen by half since its December high, so you’d expect the mood in the executive suite to be less than buoyant these days. But during a chat this week at the chip giant’s headquarters, Intel sales and… Go To Full Article

Toshiba Gaming Notebook Uses Three NVIDIA GPUs

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The GPUs used in the X305-Q706 and X305-Q708 are the new NVIDIA 9400M integrated GPU and a pair of NVIDIA 9800M GTS cards in SLI. The use of three GPUs allows the gamer to go for quiet, power frugal integrated… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Admits: GeForce GTX 280, 260 Are Too Expensive to Make

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Nvidia Corp. said during a conference call with the financial analysts that it had transited its mainstream and performance-mainstream graphics processing units (GPUs) to a new process technology, which helps to reduce costs. In addition, the firm confirmed that it… Go To Full Article

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