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AMDReview has been reviewing a lot of TV tuners lately and today we have another. The XFX NVTV TV tuner. If you have ever wanted a TV tuner for your PC and didn't want to spend a fortune, this card…

Overclocking the Radeon X1800XL

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So, with a new taking the world by storm, why focus on a soon-to-be-previous generation model? The reason is simple, and it’s the reason that drives a great volume of cards in the market: the price – performance ratio. The…

NVIDIA 6800 GS Closer Look: EVGA, Leadtek, PNY, and Evertop

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NVIDIA's 6800 GS does in fact seem like the card that most gamers will be looking to aim for a solid mid-range upgrade, especially if unlocking the pipelines of the X800 GTO isn't something that sounds like fun to you.…

The Great ABIT End-User Survey

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Taiwanese motherboard-maker ABIT Computer Corporation is launching the Great ABIT End-User Survey on their website today. In the words of Marketing Director Larry Wu: “It’s the biggest survey ever conducted in the history of the industry, and we’re handing out…

Noctua NH-U9 Heatsink

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Noctua’s first go at heatsink design is very promising and the results were very pleasing considering the noise level was kept at 22dB. And this could be lower if a 92mm fan was used instead like the Akasa 92mm Ultra…

Radeon X1900 hits image quality snag in 3DMark06

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During the preparation of my Radeon X1900 review, I discovered a problem with Radeon X1900 cards in 3DMark06. I meant to mention it in the review itself, but things came down to the wire and I just ran out of…

Forbes Claims Google Tunes is on the Way

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Forbes is running an article claiming that Google isn't far from creating an iTunes competitor. "We believe that Google is in the midst of creating its own iTunes competitor, which we've dubbed 'Google Tunes'," the analyst…

Gates vs. Jobs: who is the good guy?

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If you had to pick the lesser of two evils, which one would you choose: Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? From looking at my fellow Arsians' opinions, I would wager a guess that most would pick Gates as the worse…

WD Ships 500-GB Desktop Hard Drives

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Western Digital said Thursday that it has begun shipping its 500-GB Caviar SATA drives, announcing new 120-GB Scorpio notebook drives in the process. The WD Caviar SE16 desktop drives will retail for about $349.99 on WD's own online…

Mod Mania: Two Fabulous Case Mods

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When deciding on a mod upon which to embark, it's fun to look at what others have done before. In this special, expanded column, we're going to look at a couple of inventive and spectacular mods that readers of this…

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