Sunbeamtech Silent Storm / Silent Twister Case

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Build a complete PC without any screws ? Nearly, because a few screws are still needed, but thanks to several tool-less mechanisms all drives up to the hard disks, as well as the expansion cards can be installed without any…

Enermax Chakra ATX Case with 25cm Fan

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The Chakra is very quiet in its operation, despite having the biggest fan I have ever seen on a computer case. The fan is so quiet it is only audible if you put your ear next to it while in…

TEAM Group Factory Tour – RAM Production from Start to Finish

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Today in this article we’ll show you the production stages of a memory module from the very beginning until the point where it is ready to be shipped off to the customer. We’ll also show you how memory is tested…

Intel Core 2 Duo T7400 (Merom) Mobile Processor

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Intel has been keeping us very busy here on PC Perspective these days and for good reason - the company is producing some of the most anticipated CPUs in recent memory. Finally, after all the buzz and coverage that started…

DirectX 10 for Vista - the juicy bits for the layman

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Want to know a bit more about Direct3D 10, the upcoming graphics portion of DirectX 10 in Windows Vista? We have a developer-focussed piece that covers D3D10 talks at a recent developer day in Brighton, as part of the Develop…

Build Your Own Media PC

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Anyone who read the recent budget HDTV roundup might be after a little more information on what we used for our testing. While Riyad was vigorously testing these displays with his Xbox 360 and a copy of Dead or Alive…

Sansun Galaxy ATX/BTX Black Computer Case

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Based on the success of the Bat case they released earlier this year, Sansun has jumped headlong into the gaming case fray, with the newly introduced Galaxy case. Sporting eight 5.25” bays and an innovative cooling system, the Galaxy is…


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We love our big disks, but what about speed? Swap space, scratch space and temporary files sure can bog things down as a process waits for the disk to catch up. Gigabyte's i-RAM makes an effort to end all that.

Intel confirms Core 2 Duo rollout

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CHIP FIRM Intel officially announced the introduction of 10 Core 2 Duo and Core Extreme microprocessors for desktops, workstations and notebooks. Intel said it has over 550 customer system designs underway, with the CPUs built on 65 nanometre technology. Five…

May the force be Wiith you

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LucasArts hints at a 'saber-swinging Star Wars game heading for the Wii! Answering the prayers of Star Wars fans everywhere, one of Lucas’s henchmen just hinted at a lightsaber clash-em-up on Nintendo’s dream machine! Go To Full Article

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