Corsair Force 3 120GB Solid State Drive Review

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Around the same time, Corsair shipped hardware review nerds a handful of samples. At the same time the first retail products were being shipped to retail and e-tail businesses. The reviewers found a previously unknown stability issue with their samples… Go To Full Article

Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.C CPU Cooler Review

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The main change for Megahalems Rev.C cooler lies in that,it provides buckles for AMD platform facilitating AMD users. In addition,another big change is that the cooler adds new buckle screws which provides the support for the pressure… Go To Full Article

Virtual Reality: This beautiful Japanese girl does not exist

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Eguchi Aimi is the latest member of the Japanese pop band AKB 48. The only problem is that she, unlike the other six members, doesn't actually exist. Aimi was first featured in a 15 second advertisement for some new candy… Go To Full Article

Adrenaline Crysis 2 Benchmark Tool Released

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The tool "Adrenaline 2 Crysis Benchmark Tool" available to the user a quick and easy choice for measuring performance of your hardware using the Crysis 2. Allowing the choice of different maps, options, image quality and resolution in a simple… Go To Full Article

4 million strong Alureon P2P botnet "practically indestructible"

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Researchers at Kaspersky Labs analyzing the 4.5 million-strong Alureon botnet (also known as TDL and TDSS) have branded it "practically indestructible." Law enforcement agencies have had some success recently at disrupting and bringing down botnets, with Coreflood, Rustock, and Waledac… Go To Full Article

Desktop Llano Overclocking

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Overclocking on the Llano platform, by any stretch of the imagination by using this A75 Extreme6, would take ages to get a hold of and become a master. There are three main areas to overclock - the CPU, the iGPU,… Go To Full Article

The AMD A8-3850 Review: Llano on the Desktop

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Ever since the arrival of Conroe back in 2006, we've only really recommended AMD for its (sometimes incredible) value. Recommending AMD for those looking for absolute performance pretty much ended when the Pentium 4 retired. AMD is… Go To Full Article

AMD A-Series Desktop Processors Set the APU Bar

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AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced availability for the AMD Fusion A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) A8-3850 and A6-3650 desktop processors. The AMD A8-3850 and A6-3650 desktop processors will enable a high-performance experience for desktop users, including brilliant HD graphics, supercomputer-like performance,… Go To Full Article

Huge fanless CPU cooler dissipates 100W

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One of the coolest-looking things we saw at CES was a passive CPU cooler not-so-inconspicuously tucked into a Raven enclosure at the Silverstone booth. The heatsink is made by Korean company NOFAN (for folks obsessed with silence, they sure like… Go To Full Article

AMD Unveils Desktop Dual Graphics: Meet Radeon HD 66x0D2

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Even though there are couple of days left before the official launch of the desktop "Llano" platform, AMD unveiled the naming policy for "Desktop Dual Graphics", i.e. combining the APU and graphics card. This page also confirms… Go To Full Article

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