ASUS P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi-AP Edition Motherboard

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With the release of the new BIOS that fixes the issues with the P5B Deluxe motherboard and Crossfire on the Prescott CPUs, there isn't a reason not to recommend this board for the included features, as it scores over 40…

SilverStone Ensemble EB01

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As we can see this uses unit uses a Burr-Brown Corporation© digital to analog converter (DAC), as well as Burr-Brown FET-Input, Low Distortion Operational Amplifier, if you are not sure what I just said, in a nutshell, Burr-Brown

AMD Athlon 64 Socket AM2 CPU in a Socket 939 Motherboard

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As already mentioned in the previous Review, the ASRock 939SLI32-eSATA2 motherboard offers beside the AMD 939 pin CPU socket also a so-called ASRock Future CPU Port. Who already own this Motherboard and would like to buy now one…

Zippy-Emacs PSL-6850P(G1) 850 Watt Power Supply

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Just over a year ago I first began hearing of Zippy power supplies. At first I didn't associate them with the well Zippy-Emacs power supplies that have been quite well known in the Server arena for some time. This was…

be quiet! Dark Power Pro 430 power supply

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In the noise generated by all those who wish to grab a bite out of the expanding quiet computing pie, it often seems that the number of really quiet products hasn't grown that much. There's just a lot more "quiet"…

New Ageia PhysX product goes PCI Express

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AGEIA HAS ANNOUNCED the PhysX product line is to get a new boost, with the inclusion of a PCI Express based board. The PhysX PCI Express cards will be available, integrated into new PCs in time for this Christmas from…

Sony claims Wii and Xbox 360 overpriced

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SONY'S Michael Ephraim has decided to lay into Nintendo and Microsoft's console efforts as too expensive. Admittedly, he was talking to an Australian newspaper, The Age, and since the Aussies will not see the Playstation 3 this Christmas perhaps he…

ATI R600 has an external 512 memory bus

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THE UP AND COMING R600 will have a real 512 bit memory controller. Unlike its predecessors which had an internal 512 ring memory bus, the R600 will have it externally as well. This means that the packaging…

Mainstream Nvidia DirectX 10 to arrive in spring

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WE HEAR Nvidia is working hard to bring a DirectX 10 part to the mainstream market. Once Vista is out and real and we guess that will be during January, there will be a huge gap between the DirectX 10…

Intel goes aggressive at low-end

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IN A MOVE TO FURTHER HURT VIA and AMD'S low-end, Intel is marketing an extended range of low end parts to target the C7 and Geode LX/NX range. These chips are clearly not destined for desktop computers,…

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