ICY TIP: How to mount a 2.5" SATA SSD into 3.5" Internal drive bay

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In the last five years, the computer industry has seen fantastic leaps in technology. Processors are becoming exponentially faster, hard disk storage is becoming increasingly less expensive, and most of all, flash memory is slowly taking over the data storage… Go To Full Article

ICY DOCK MB561US-4S-1 Quad Bay External Enclosure Review

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Large volume external storage has also been and will remain to be popular just for the fact that many people do not have room inside their cases for extra hard drives. Also external storage allows you to easily use that… Go To Full Article

Raidmax Typhoon Case Review

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Raidmax has most definitely achieved what it set out to do with the Typhoon, and this is to bring the cooling performance, looks and features of a higher-end case into the entry-level price range. The case looks great with the… Go To Full Article

Corsair Nova V128 SSD Review

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The SSD market is currently cluttered with a massive number of companies who all seem to be peddling the same kit. Corsair is trying to distinguish themselves from their competition by releasing the Nova series which is aimed directly at… Go To Full Article

SSD Benchmark Tests: SATA IDE vs AHCI Mode (New Article)

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First and foremost, please accept my apology for previously publishing misleading results. The benchmark tests were all conducted properly, but the test tool I used did not accurately illustrate the difference between SATA controller mode performance. After conducting several new… Go To Full Article

Corsair Force F100 SandForce SSD Test

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The biggest mistake PC hardware enthusiast make with SSDs is grading them by their speed. File transfer speed is important, but only so long as the operational IOPS performance can sustain that bandwidth under load. Based on the high-performance SandForce… Go To Full Article

Hybrid PhysX Mod v1.03 Released

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This mod will enable hardware PhysX support for NVIDIA GPU, when non-NVIDIA GPU is used as a primary display device.

Zalman CNPS10X Extreme Ultra Quiet CPU Cooler Review

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Some folks might find it interesting that heat pipe technology has been around since the invention of steam engines. But it was the automotive world that found more feasible applications dating back to 1942. It was only in the last… Go To Full Article

Stone Giant DirectX 11 Benchmark Download

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Stone Giant is a DirectX 11 demo produced by Fatshark in collaboration with BitSquid using BitSquid Tech. It has primarily been developed to test the BitSquid tools and technology in a real-world production environment. The demo showcases how DX11 hardware… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i5 661 overclocking (DE)

@ 2010/04/22 read/post comments(0) has posted another Overclocking guide. Last week we have take a look at the Intel Core i5 661 processor. In the Overclocking guide you can find a step by step description to Overclock your Core i5 661 with air,… Go To Full Article

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