Intel Core 2 Duo E2140 to get another pricecut, down to $64

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Intel's July 22 price cuts are still on track and the company will keep the pressure on AMD by not ceding even the very lowest end of the market. Intel's bottom-end, Conroe-based Pentium E2140 (1.6GHz) will drop to $64 instead… Go To Full Article

EagleTech External Hard Drive enclosure Review

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Once we get everything assembled, it’s time to plug it in. The entire base of the enclosure is lit up with blue LEDs which does look pretty cool. There is also another LED that will flash on the base to… Go To Full Article

Scythe opens end user forums

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Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces the official launch of user forum for better communication among users as well as staff at Scythe Company. By launching this forum, we aim to hear more direct feedbacks from users to reflect the… Go To Full Article

Norton Ghost 12.0 is no phantom of its former self

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There are two types of people that back-up regularly. The first are the cautious type that always has from day one of owning a computer. The second have been hit with a system failure, lost everything, have now learnt from… Go To Full Article

Smoking DVD players spark Japanese recall

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REPORTS THAT SOME Chinese-made DVD players were belching thick black smoke and beginning to melt have led to almost half a million units being recalled in Japan. The players have built-in LCD screens that are becoming deformed by overheating. The… Go To Full Article

Western Digital announces 750GB hard drives

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Western Digital has announced that it will be shipping its WD RE2 (RAID Edition) 750 GB hard drive later this month. The company promises up to a data transfer rate of up to 3.0Gb/s, WD RE2 hard drives also feature… Go To Full Article

Intel to launch 45nm quad core in Q4

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Intel is planning to announce Core 2 Extreme in Q4 a quarter earlier than it planned. This will definitely put more oil on the fire and make Phenom FX's life a bit tougher. Intel doesn’t give much details but it… Go To Full Article

Intel's Core 2 refresh: QX6850, E6850 and E6750 tested

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If you are dead set on an Intel CPU, obviously the question that I’m sure is on those people’s minds at the moment is whether you should opt for the Q6600 or the E6850, which are both at similar price… Go To Full Article

LCD panel prices to peak in 2H07

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Although some system makers have already seen their LCD panel inventory pile up, panel makers are still looking to raise prices, with industry sources noteing that that the third quarter should present panel makers with their best pricing environment for… Go To Full Article

Editorial: Gaming laptops are a complete joke

@ 2007/07/17 read/post comments(15)
THERE IS A RAGING debate between me and the rest of the world over gaming laptops. Most people think they are the hottest thing since sliced bread, I think they are about as dumb as you can get. It begs… Go To Full Article

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