Wireless Power Gets A Boost

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At CES, Las Vegas, two companies — Arizona-based WildCharge and Michigan-based Fulton have demonstrated what are very different ways to charge gadgets without wires Go To Full Article

AMD Unveils ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner

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AMD (NYSE: AMD) today unveiled the ATI TV Wonder™ Digital Cable Tuner – the industry’s first and only device that enables users to watch and record premium HD digital cable content, such as HD ESPN and HD HBO, on their… Go To Full Article

Corsair ready to launch Dominator PC2-10000 at CES

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LAS VEGAS (January 8, 2007) - Corsair®, a worldwide leader in high performance computer products, today unveiled the new TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF DOMINATOR memory kits. Designed for overclocking and achieving the highest frequencies in mind, the TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF DOMINATOR is rated and tested…

Corsair Unveils TurboFlash Family for MS Vista ReadyBoost Technology

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LAS VEGAS (January 9, 2006) - Today Corsair®, a worldwide leader in high performance computer products, announced immediate availability of its TurboFlash Family of ReadyBoost capable USB drives. Microsoft®'s new ReadyBoost technology allows the use of a removable flash memory… Go To Full Article

Nvidia drivers leak potential PC Gears of War

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There have been other signs that point to Gears of War eventually being released on the PC, and we're here with another Indiana Jones-like piece to the puzzle. Some Nvidia ForceWare drivers have been turning up with references to Gears… Go To Full Article

Overclock your AMD Sempron into a Pentium 4

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MICTROSOFT'S VIRTUAL PC 2007 v6.0.122.0 seems to get a bit confused. Either that or it knows something we don't. Go To Full Article

AMD promises 16-core threading by 2012

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AN AMD panellist here in Vegas thinks that it will reach sixteen cores software programming within five years. This will be in time for the Playstation 4, the new Xbox and Geforce G2012 or Radeon whaetever they will want to… Go To Full Article

Philips intros wireless HDMI

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HAVING A BIG LCD or a plasma TV is very nice and all that, but can you imagine shelling out a couple of hundred dollars on cables because you don't want to have a not-so-cool-looking computer under it? Go To Full Article

Samsung Unveils 2nd Generation Blu-ray Player

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With Toshiba having already kicked off its second generation of high-definition players with the HD-A2 (HDMI 1.2, 1080i, $499) and the HD-XA2 (HDMI 1.3, 1080p, $999), it's Samsung's time to shine with a second generation Blu-ray player. The company's new… Go To Full Article

Samsung Unveils 27" SyncMaster LCD

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The Samsung 275T shares much in common with the unannounced Dell 27" display. Both displays use the same 8-bit widescreen S-PVA Samsung LTM270M1 panel. The panel features a 1920x1200 resolution with 0.303 millimeter pixel pitch. Samsung would not disclose which… Go To Full Article

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