FairUse4WM strips Windows Media DRM

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So far as the yet very quiet forums are claiming, a new app called FairUse4WM can be used to strip Windows Media DRM 10 and 11 (i.e. PlaysForSure, but not WM DRM 9). Yes, yes, we know, we've heard this…

AMD having trouble with 65nm stock voltage speed

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WORD HAS FINALLY hit our tender ears about what AMD's problems at 65nm are rather than the nebulous 'they have issues'. A bird has been singing to us that AMD is having problems getting the speeds they need out of…

Enermax Marathon Enlobal 120mm Fan

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Almost every case fan out there is the same. Since LED fans we have not really seen a big advance in fan technology. Well today we are taking a look at a new fan from Enermax that uses a magnetic…

Asus EN7600GT Silent Geforce 7600GT Videocard

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Asus has embraced the nVIDIA GeForce 7600GT GPU and released a videocard which is not only ideally suited towards the occasional gamer and even hardcore gamer on a budget, but also doubles up the value by offering 100% silent operation…

Biostar TForce 570 U Deluxe

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With solid performance, a nice package of accessories, and the potential for an overclocking monster in there, I have to be pretty pleased with the Biostar TForce 570 U Deluxe on the whole and think it will…

Be-Quiet StraightPower 600W Power Supply

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We PC enthusiasts like to eat our cake and have it too. We want stable high-performance power, cool operation, and silent running to boot. Come September, Be-Quiet will be releasing the StraightPower 600W Power Supply all across…

New Intel Core 2 stepping is on the way

@ 2006/08/25 read/post comments(2)
The significant thing is that Intel takes some of the bugs seriously enough to go through the process of a full stepping to quash them, quite the expensive endeavor. I guess when you pull in a product by 3+ months,…

Akasa Zen - Budget case king?

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Well what can I say, the Akasa Zen is probably one of the best “budget” cases I have used, and I use that term loosely as in my eye’s it’s a budget case in price only retailing at approx £30-£40…

AMD AM2 3500+ Vs. AMD 939 X2 3500+

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It’s that time again folks. That’s right, AMD has finally, after many setbacks, released their new socket type. Titled AM2, which uses 940 pins, AMD has used this as the opportunity to move up to newer, and cheaper, DDR2 memory.…

SilverStone Element ST50EF-Plus 500W Power Supply

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SilverStone Technology was founded in the summer of 2003 and originally designed aluminum enclosures. Today Silverstone manufactures computer cases, electronic enclosures, computer power supplies, CPU coolers, computer fans, and metal alloy accessories, and are regarded as creating the most beautiful…

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