Hiper Anubis Mid Tower Case Review

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In the world of computer enthusiasts there is always a competition to have the newest, coolest, and most innovative case. Hiper (High Performance Group) a company known for its computer power supplies is now jumping into the high end computer… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA 8500/8600 GT vs HD3450/3650 Roundup

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In the real world not everyone can afford the high end graphics cards that we generally review here on DriverHeaven. While it is interesting to see just what Nvidia and ATI are capable of delivering without limitations a portion of… Go To Full Article

Cooling for your butt

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The Suzukaze (Cool Breeze) seat cushion is the latest personal air conditioning from Japan’s Kuchofuku, maker of air-conditioned beds and clothes. Using new materials and energy-saving fans, Suzukaze cools you in your seat without being power hungry or noisy. Go To Full Article

Carmack on Doom, Rage, EA and More

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You're making a push on the consoles now. Is part of that because of the threat of piracy on the PC or is it more about getting the games to as many people as possible? JOHN CARMACK: Well, it's… Go To Full Article

The Terminator’s bionic eye becomes reality

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The human eye is capable of focusing an image on a curved surface at the back of the eye. Usual cameras were never able to do so because of electronic materials that wouldn’t tolerate being curved. Rogers… Go To Full Article

Intel Q9650, Q9400, E8600, and E7300 for sale next week

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Intel says it plans to roll out a bevy of midrange processors, all built on its new 45-nanometer manufacturing process, on Monday. Game computer vendors, among others, are expected to follow suit with new machines. Intel Core 2 Quad… Go To Full Article

OCZ NIA available at for $147

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OCZ’s Neural Impulse Actuator (nia) marks a new era in gaming. Rather than being a substitute for a mouse, the nia is a pioneering new peripheral to be used in conjunction with your mouse for a more immersive gaming experience. Go To Full Article

ATI HD4850 Crossfire vs Geforce GTX 280

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It is the extremely high resolutions of 2048x1536 and 2560x1600 pixels that are the most interesting but ATI has nothing exciting to offer here at the moment. In many tests the Radeon HD 4850 CrossFire tandem lacks graphics memory. Although… Go To Full Article

Galaxy none-reference 9800 GTX does Tri-Way SLI

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3-way SLI has been long limited to NVIDIA’s reference cards. Manufacturers seldom work on it. But now Galaxy works out 9800GTX with 3-way SLI support and 3DMark Vantage score is out. With three 9800GTX, the system scores P16594 in 3DMark… Go To Full Article

Intel DX48BT2 Motherboard Review

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While the board was amenable to overclocking, the overclocking I was able to achieve on the CPU side was minimal at best. Using an E6300 Intel processor and an Asetek water cooling unit, I was able to get the CPU… Go To Full Article

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