K10 at the corner of a wafer doomed to 2 GHz

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Some K10, Barcelonas can go over 2.6 and all the way to 2.8 or even 3.0 GHz but most of them at least the ones that are going to come as corner chips on the wafer and not going to… Go To Full Article

Ubiquitous Multi-Gigabit Wireless Within Three Years

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Georgia Tech researchers unveiled plans to use ultra-high frequency radio transmissions to achieve very high data transmission rates over short distances. In a few years, the article says, we'll have ubiquitous multi-gigabit wireless connectivity, with some significant advances already under… Go To Full Article

Hotmail Delivers Far Fewer Emails with Attachments

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It has long been suspected that there is a silent policy that makes Hotmail automatically delete the majority of attachments to save on bandwidth and internal disk space. Therefore it really doesn't matter if every client has access to 2GB… Go To Full Article

AMD Reports a net loss of $600 million USD for Q2/2007

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Today, it's AMD's turn with regards to financial performance for the quarter. AMD recorded revenue of $1.378 billion USD, an operating list of $457 million USD and a net loss of $600 million USD. This compares with revenue of $1.216… Go To Full Article

A Messy Transition (Part 2): Windows XP, Vista, and the 2GB Barrier

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Shortly after publishing A Messy Transition (Part 1) we received numerous requests for similar user address space usage testing under Windows XP, as we had previously done all of our testing on our standard Windows Vista setup. Although we were… Go To Full Article

Western Digital 500GB My Book World Edition Review

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This latest in the long line of ‘My Book’ external hard drives from Western Digital takes a different approach, giving you a full NAS solution by means of a Gigabit Ethernet connection and the ability to access it from anywhere… Go To Full Article

Tagan A+ Black Pearl PC Case Review

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PC cases are all basically the same. They are the same shape, they have the same inside design, and most features are the same. The things that set them apart are color and outside design. The Tagan Black Pearl not… Go To Full Article

EVGA nForce 650i ULTRA Motherboard Review

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Today's market is full of motherboards for the user to choose from. It's also the first component most people choose when building a personal PC, which makes the possibilities endless. Hoping to guide you through the foggy mist which is… Go To Full Article

AMD Gemini Dual GPU 2600 XT Preview

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During Computex AMD's partners announced they would ship new generation of dual-GPU, Gemini cards based on Radeon HD 2600XT graphics processors. One month later, we're looking at an engineering sample of a new Gemini card that should… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Visit & Interview

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It’s always nice when a local company makes a big splash in the world. CoolIT has done just that. Pretty much every tech blog and magazine around couldn’t get enough of their USB drink cooler. Then when they released their… Go To Full Article

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