Server Worth $1.5 Million Wrecked by Forklift

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An angry legal battle has broken out after an IBM server worth US$1.5 million was wrecked falling off a fork-lift truck being used to move it. T.R. Systems, a U.S. federal contractor, is suing IBM saying the Big Blue failed… Go To Full Article

22-inch iZ3D LCDs are now available just under a grand

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Your boring old desktop, now in 3D! Or at least if iZ3D has anything to say about it. The new 22-inch iZ3D widescreen 3D gaming monitor just hit iZ3D's online store for an almost-palatable $999. The displays run off of… Go To Full Article

A need for speed: 802.11n router roundup

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The IEEE 802.11n standard is not official yet, but a host of Draft N routers are already available. We rounded up three of the most popular, threw them into the deathmatch cage, and locked the gate. The fight was brutal,… Go To Full Article

S3 Graphics Aims to Intro DirectX 10 Graphics Chips By Year End

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S3 Graphics, a struggling developer of graphics processing units (GPUs) and a subsidiary of Via Technologies, reportedly plans to release a lineup of DirectX 10-compatible Chrome 4 graphics chips by the end of the year. The move will allow it… Go To Full Article

Runing BioShock on older Video Cards

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If you got a video card older than NVIDIA 6600 or ATI X1300 you are out of luck playing BioShock as the game requires Shader Model 3.0. A group of gamers have started converting the shaders to work on 2.0… Go To Full Article

ZeroTherm BFT90 CPU Cooler Review

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As one of the hottest products to hit the market today, the ZeroTherm BTF90 is classified as a high end CPU cooler solution geared for enthusiasts. Sporting a massive copper base, eight heat pipes, and copper fins,… Go To Full Article

MSI X38 Diamond displayed in Taipei

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The MSI marketing people just sent through a shot of the almost final revision of their X38 Diamond with the new full cooper heat pipe cooling solution (the shipping version will be striped of DDR2 slots and will be DDR3… Go To Full Article

MSI shows K9A2 Platinum (AMD RD790) mobo

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You will notice that the rollercoaster type heat pipe which we saw on MSI P35 boards has gone and been replaced with a more placid looking design which cools the PWM area, Northbridge and Southbridge via its copper material. There… Go To Full Article

Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD7500AAKS 750GB SATA 3 Gbps Hard Drive Review

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Western Digital may not be able to toot their horn for being the first to the 750GB plateau, but unless you have a time machine and want to go back 15 months, does it really matter at this point? The… Go To Full Article

Asus P5K3 Premium part 2

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The performance in 2D testing favours slightly better in the way of the Premium, and even at 1,500MHz it doesn't really extend the lead that much. Also, it's not like you can't just buy some 1,500MHz memory and drop it… Go To Full Article

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