Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0

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"Back by popular demand, the Microsoft® IntelliMouse is being reintroduced. The new IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 offers legendary tracking, responsiveness and comfort in a design that gamers know and love. The mouse offers basic functionality with few extra bells and whistles.… Go To Full Article

Mushkin XP2-5300 Dual Channel DDR2 Kit

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DDR2 brought with himself a relative increase of yield, and was a step advanced in the evolution of the PC. Nevertheless at the time of using them for the first time, we could not let pass that the latencies no… Go To Full Article

Swiftech MCWRamcool

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One of the drawbacks of full graphics card water blocks is that they don't always fit the cards being used like they should. There are tolerance issues depending on the height of the ram versus the height of Go To Full Article

Vista an Uneasy Sleeper

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'One thing we just can't wrap our mind about is the terrible, broken, and completely pitiful support for waking Vista up from a Deep Sleep or hibernation.' Any time you attempt to wake Vista up from Hibernation or "Deep Sleep"… Go To Full Article

November game sales explode, and old sells well

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In terms of hardware sales, the "old" definitely outshined the new. The two-year-old Nintendo DS is again the clear winner with 918,000 units sold in in the US last month. We've remarked on the amazing ability of the DS to… Go To Full Article

Gainward BLISS 7950 GT 512MB Golden Sample

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"You got that right; Gainward comes up with an exciting product. Gainward is a world leading producer of high-quality, high-end 3D accelerators for the personal computer market. Gainward offers a full product line of value adding products targeting gaming enthusiasts… Go To Full Article

Ratpadz XT Mouse Pad

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Over the time I've been reviewing products and owned a computer I've reviewed and owned many mouse pads, and of course I have found some to be better than others, but is there a perfect mouse pad out there? Well… Go To Full Article

Unheralded Larrabee plots AMD and Nvidia takedown

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A shadowy organization called Larrabee Development Group has set a most ambitious goal: unseating AMD/ATI and Nvidia as the largest producers of high-end graphics chips. And it might just succeed. Go To Full Article

OCZ Flex XLC: PC2-9200 Pushes the Envelope

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Enter OCZ with a new idea - memory with built-in water blocks. OCZ Flex XLC is built for record-setting performance in regular air cooling, with the option to cool with water when you want even more. It is sold with… Go To Full Article

Gaming With The Killer NIC

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[H] Enthusiast took real gamers and put them through a blind taste test with the Killer NIC versus a standard network card. The goal was to see if gamers could really feel the performance benefit of the Killer NIC where… Go To Full Article

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