Sunbeam Tuniq Ensemble 1200W

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The Tuniq Ensemble is Sunbeam's latest high-end PSU offering. It comes in at a whooping 1200 Watts with a large number of connectors included. For all your SLI/CrossFire needs you have two PCI-E 6-pin and two PCI-E 8-pin connectors available.… Go To Full Article

CoolerMaster Hyper212 Review

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The heatsink itself is very thin and has brackets for two fans, with one already in use by the stock fan. The four heatpipe configuration can be seen in the top down view of the heatsink, which is the most… Go To Full Article

Inexpensive Coolers for AMD Processors

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The market of budget coolers for AMD processors is still saturated despite growing manufacturing costs, high competition, price erosion, and serious pressure from boxed CPUs. Thus it's time to review some new products, namely 16 coolers from ASUS, Foxconn, GlacialTech,… Go To Full Article

iStar S-9-H34 Elegant Storm Case Review

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Featuring a hot-swappable SATA enclosure, iStar's Elegant Storm S-9-H34 sports a feature that most enthusiasts are not accustomed to seeing in a Mid-ATX tower. Is this the case you’ve been looking for? Leave it up to HardwareLogic to find out. Go To Full Article

ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120

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Bereits Anfang des Jahres hatten wir die damaligen Topprodukte der neuen Kühlerschmiede ZEROtherm in der Mangel und konnten einen gelungenen Einstand des Neulings feststellen. Mit dem brandneuen Nirvana NV120 möchte man nun allerdings auch in den Kampf… Go To Full Article

Ultra m998 Mid-ATX Case

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But the desktop case is special. It’s a completely different and independent entity that fulfills its function just by existing around other stuff. It’s a sculptural centerpiece that everyone notices, and it’s always flaunting some visual personality for your rig.… Go To Full Article

Hiper Type-R MKII HPU-5K880 / HPU-5B680 PSU's

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Hiper were first known within enthusiast cycles for their Type-R PSU series released back in early 2005. Its many features, good looks and relatively competitive price made it a very reasonable choice of unit for a powerful system of the… Go To Full Article

[M] 4-Way Intel P35 Motherboard Overclocking Roundup

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In this group test we compare the overclocking capabilities and performance of 4 motherboards based on the mid-range P35 Intel chipset. From the low cost Asus P5K, affordable Foxconn P35AP-S and MSI Platinum Combo to the expensive DFI P35 Lanparty,… Go To Full Article

Certification testing for 100Mbps cable modems begins, 2008 rollout eyed

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CableLabs has begun testing the first set of DOCSIS 3.0 gear, as five companies have submitted cable modems to the organization for official approval. We've seen precertification equipment tested, and some cable ISPs in Asia have rolled out pre-DOCSIS 3.0… Go To Full Article

Photo of AMD R680 spotted

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Both cores’ frequency are 777MHz, the same as HD 3870’s. And R680 is using 1GB GDDR3 memory. Source indicate that the retail version’s frequency is still unidentified. Go To Full Article

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