Boost Your WIFI with Coke Can

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Hack a soda can for the cheapest and easiest wifi signal booster around!

Firefox 3 Beta 1 Review

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The newly-released Firefox 3 beta 1 has been reviewed by ZDnet and the verdict is that it is good. 'Is Firefox 3.0 going to be better? Given what I'm seeing so far, I think so. Why? Because it looks like… Go To Full Article

Vista SP1 Doesn't Improve Performance

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With the initial performance characteristics of Windows Vista leaving much to be desired, many IT organizations have put off deploying the new OS until the first service pack (SP1) is released by Microsoft early next year. The thinking goes that… Go To Full Article

AMD prepares 55nm HD2400 and HD2600

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AMD IS PREPARING an interesting offering. After ordering massive amounts of 55nm 300mm wafers from TSMC containing Number of The Beast (RV670 comes with 666M trannies), it turns out that RV670 was just the beginning. There are… Go To Full Article

Editorial: Intel X48 is a horrible idea

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The problem is the X48 chipset, quite possibly the second best chipset not on the market yet. It is a minor, and I mean minor revision to the otherwise excellent X38 chipset. The added 10 merely brings… Go To Full Article

Nvidia’s new dual G92 high end card will show its face in January

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It's beginning to look great for Nvidia as ATI’s dual chip 3870 X2 card is supposed to end up slower, but then again ATI can do Quad SLI and Nvidia still can’t. D8E will only be limited… Go To Full Article

Microsoft inches closer to Windows XP update

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Microsoft late last week released an updated test version of Windows XP Service Pack 3 to about 15,000 beta testers. The update, the third such service pack for the six-year-old operating system is due out in final form in the… Go To Full Article

Ho-Ho-Holiday System Guide: DIY for the holidays

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System recommendations are harder to do than most people think, but we've diligently worked to keep our guides up to date with the most mouth-watering hardware. This time around, our regular system guide update coincides with the start of the… Go To Full Article

GPU Physics Dead for Now, Says AMD’s Developer Relations Chief

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Following the acquisition of Havok, a developer of physics and other interactive middleware, by Intel Corp., the world’s largest producer of x86 microprocessors, actual deployment of a Havok-developed physics engine for video games that could take advantage of graphics processing… Go To Full Article

ASUS P5E3 Deluxe Overclocking: DDR3 Takes Front Stage

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Back in September we published an early first look of the ASUS P5E3 Deluxe motherboard. Based on the Intel X38 chipset, this feature-rich board provided us with the promise of good things to come. Unfortunately, rumors surrounding Intel's unexpected problems… Go To Full Article

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