New Controller To Offer ‘Wii Emulation’ For PS3, 360, PC

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Named Gametrak Fusion, it uses a patent-pending ultrasonic and RF system to track the motion of a Wii-Mote-style controller, using a small base unit on the floor in front of the player. A 3D accelerometer in the controller also provides… Go To Full Article

New CPU Heatsinks from Coolermaster

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To defeat the intolerable heat from the CPU, Cooler Master brings you three brand new heat terminators-air coolers with comprehensive cooling performances and superior silent features. These coolers not only cool the CPUs but also their surroundings (VRM, Memory, NB…

Nvidia bans overclocking for its G80

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NVIDIA told all of its partners that it simply won't allow the overclocking of G80 cards. It doesn't want another Geforce 7900 GT overclocking fiasco that caused a too high return rate for the cards

The Death of PC Gaming

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DirectX 10 is coming, and to enjoy the fruits of Microsoft's pixel-bullying labors, you'll need a few minor hardware upgrades. You need to throw out that entry-level, mid-grade, or pinnacle video card you're currently using and buy one that requires…

More NVIDIA nForce 600 Series Details Revealed

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NVIDIA is set to release its upcoming nForce 600 series of chipsets in the first half of November. DailyTech has come across more details of the upcoming chipsets including the nForce 680i SLI, 650i SLI and 650i Ultra—all for Intel’s…

Intel low-end Price Cuts revealed

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WE ALREADY NOTED last month that Intel was slashing prices on existing Netburst processors and now it's decided to tell its channel partners. The channel is one peg up above hacks - we are always the last…

Panasonic creates 100GB Blu-ray discs to last 100 years

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Panasonic has developed a 4-layer, 100GB Blu-ray disc that it claims will last for 100 years by using a tellurium suboxide palladium-doped phase-change recording film, called Te-O-Pd. The film has a high transmittance and crystallization rate which allows them to…

Samsung Develops First 50nm DRAM Chip

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Samsung Electronics announced today that it has developed the industry’s first 50-nm DDR2 DRAM chip, which will increase production efficiency from the 60nm level by 55 percent. The new 1-Gb DRAM incorporates three-dimensional transistor design and multi-layered dielectric technology, which…

100GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive on the Way

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With Sony's PlayStation 3 coming in November with a 60GB hard drive on the high-end system, Microsoft's mere 20GB hard drive included on the $399 Xbox 360 looks rather small in comparison. That will all change with the new 100GB… Go To Full Article

Windows XP SP3 Pushed Back to 2008

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On its Windows Service Pack Road Map page, Microsoft has updated the expected date for Windows XP SP3 to the first half of 2008. This represents the latest in a string of delays. SP3 was originally stated for the second…

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