Mozilla Firefox 3.6 RC1 released: Faster than Google Chrome

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The Mozilla product development and engineering teams are hard at work again, this time with a rollout of the first Release Candidate build for the long anticipated Firefox 3.6. We received notification a couple days ago that the build is… Go To Full Article

James Cameron "Avatar"

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Global Foundries 28nm wafer spotted

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GLOBAL FOUNDRIES has been way ahead of the curve with process tech when compared to any other foundry on the market. Today, it somewhat accidentally cemented that lead by publicly displaying an unlabeled 28nm wafer. Global Foundries representatives would not… Go To Full Article

Dual-GPU GF100 "Fermi" already in May?

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While originally the GF100 was expected to have a TDP of ~200W and a 6+6 pin power configuration; the prototype demonstrated features 8+6 pin - the maximum official PCI configuration. It is likely that the final stepping will be significantly… Go To Full Article

[M] Gigabyte Geforce GTX 260 Super OverClock Video Card Review

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We have seen many factory-overclocked cards from different vendors, but most of these cards just push the GPU/MEM clocks using reference design hardware. Once in a while, a cards pop up like this Gigabyte SOC card which deviates from the… Go To Full Article

RAR GPU Password Recovery Tool

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This software using ATI RV 670/770/870 and nVidia "CUDA" video cards to recover passwords for RAR archives v 3.x. Recovery speed at HD4850 about 20 times better than single core of Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz. (Comparing only optimized SSE2 code running… Go To Full Article

CryEngine 2.0 Screenshot Gallery, Next Gen GFX with Previous Gen Engine!

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On the topic of Crysis screenshots... it's a real Horn of Plenty alright. This time we've got a gallery of some 50 new amazing screenshots, picked up from our forums and various other Crysis fan forums (sources listed at the… Go To Full Article

Asus Promises 12-Hour Battery Life In New High-End Laptop

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ASUS's solution is different because it's user-transparent; even a novice user will get the fullest possible benefit because the laptop itself is deciding when to switch. The same principle applies to the dynamic CPU clocking. ASUS includes a desktop widget… Go To Full Article

2 TB Hard Disk Drives: Now at 7,200 RPM

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It looks like we have just got another proof of the world progress theory. First we discussed 2 TB hard drives with 5,400 RPM spindle rotation speed. And today we are going to look at six solutions with faster rotating… Go To Full Article

Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU Cooler

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In more basic terms, Tuniq is in the business of providing an attractive product that makes a statement. While an appealing cooler is good to have, it is only as good as the fan equipped with the cooler in most… Go To Full Article

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