Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6 Mainboard Review

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The Intel X38 based mainboard with DDR2 SDRAM support from Gigabyte pleased us with the absence of some frustrating drawbacks we have seen before. Let’s find out if the improvements made to this board make it worth our recommendation to… Go To Full Article

Sparkle 8800 GT Passive: The Fastest Silent GPU in the World

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NVIDIA’s original target for the 8800 GT was $199 for the 256MB version and $249 - $259 for the 512MB version, and while 256MB cards are just now starting to appear in the worldwide market, 512MB cards just can’t be… Go To Full Article

Holiday Buying Guide- Wish List

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As the Holiday Season approaches, we at have compiled a list of items we would like to open up during the giving season. Whether it is a tech gadget, some software or our personal favorite, PC hardware, this list… Go To Full Article

OCZ Technology Introduces New DDR2 8GB Quad Kits

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OCZ Technology Introduces New DDR2 8GB Quad Kits for Advanced Gaming Systems and Professional Workstations Delft, Netherlands—November 30, 2007—OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (LSE: OCZ), a worldwide leader in innovative ultra-high performance and high reliability memory, today announced the 8GB…

Zotac GeForce 8600GT Zone Edition review

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Zotac is one of the new manufacturers of graphics cards that have arrived to Denmark. Zotac is a new brand of NVIDIA based graphics cards that has launched this year, though, the company behind, PC Partner Group, has Go To Full Article

Rosewill RD600N-2DC-SL-SLV Stallion Series 600W Power Supply

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The RD600N-2DC-SL-SLV Stallion Series 600W unit is just one of a handful of Rosewill power supplies presently on the market. With a highly polished finish, a pair of blue LED fans, and well finished cables, it is obviously an attention… Go To Full Article

AMD/ATi Radeon HD3870 Review

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Things always seem to happen when you least expect them. One week and one day after we where on the AMD "Benchmarkfest" in Warsaw, where also was the launch of the Radeon 3000 series, which represents the newest development in… Go To Full Article

Quad FX canceled, upgrade path unclear

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Naturally, in the wake of the Phenom processor's debut, we checked with AMD about what's next for Quad FX. Here's what we found out... Go To Full Article

PowerColor ATI HD 2600 256MB Card

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This card would make a great video card for a PC that needs extra graphics muscle for running the cool new features of Windows Vista. The onboard sound card also makes this a great choice for a budget home theater… Go To Full Article

TR's November 2007 system guide

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Deciding when to pull the trigger on a new PC isn't easy, since new technology is always waiting just around the corner to spoil the party. As soon as you build a system, something shiny and new will arrive that… Go To Full Article

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