Intel Core i7 980X Extreme Edition CPU

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Intel’s Extreme Edition of CPUs have always been their highest end desktop processors at the time of their arrival. That doesn’t necessarily mean that all of them have been great CPUs- just the best that Intel has had to offer… Go To Full Article

Club 3D announces the introduction of the new Nvidia GTX 470

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Gskill F3-12800Cl7T Tri channel kit

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We are going to look at a tri channel memory kit from Gskill today which we will compare vs a high performing Mushkin and Corsair kit. We are going to see what type of speeds we can expect at stock… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master 690 II: Inheriting The Best

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Cooler Master is definitely on an offensive lately, they’ve even expanded to new market segments. But today, we’re sticking to what is traditionally their territory - a new revision of one of their most successful enclosure models. We’re talking about… Go To Full Article

Zaward Vapor120 CPU Cooler Review

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A heatsink that breathes, say what? Yep today I've got for review the Zaward Vapor120 that is a breathable heatsink On the heatsink fins are dimples that allow the cooler to breathe thus improving heat exchange efficiency by up to… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced Mid-Tower Case Review

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Today HardwareHeaven are going to look at Cooler Master's latest mid-tower case, the CM 690 II Advanced, which is essentially an improved version of their popular CM 690 case. Its feature list compares well with much more expensive cases and… Go To Full Article

Getting more from your iPad with Citrix and Desktop Connect

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Some of the issues we have talked about with the iPad surround the lack of multitasking, the lack of Flash and no file system access. Well, all hope is not lost for iPad users. There are a couple of methods… Go To Full Article

Interview with AMD's Terry Makedon

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Terry Makedon is one of the most well known and highly respected AMD employees on the tech scene. While most of the high profile company representatives hide behind a desk and keyboard, Terry has always been the person talking to… Go To Full Article

[M] TRENDnet TEW-648UB and TEW-649UB USB Wireless LAN Adapters

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The latest two Wireless USB LAN adapters from TRENDnet are very small, less than half of the size of the previous launched adapters. These fit very well in computers like Media Centers, Desktops or Laptops, without interfering with other devices… Go To Full Article

EVGA H55 LGA1156 Mainboard Review

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A full-size mainboard on Intel H55 chipset has a number of obvious advantages over microATX modifications, which are more numerous these days. Unfortunately, performance, energy-efficiency and overclockability are not among these advantages. Go To Full Article

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