3GHz Phenom II to launch at $275

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The fastest Phenom II may nibble at the heels of Intel's Core i7 on the price ladder, according to EE Times. The site has posted prices for a couple of the upcoming Phenom II processors, and it claims AMD's upcoming… Go To Full Article

LCD panel prices are headed down

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Prices for LCD monitor panels have already dropped below cash cost levels and are estimated to drop even more in December by 6-9%, as LCD monitors already have a high market penetration rate and demand for desktops has been squeezed… Go To Full Article

FarCry 2 DX9 vs. DX10 Image Quality

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There are some image quality differences between DX9 and DX10. Most of them are minor, but there are some big ones such as the antialiasing quality difference and shadow difference. Still, compared to other games we have tested there aren’t… Go To Full Article

New Intel Roadmap Reveals "Medfield" Atom for 2010

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A new roadmap has cropped up that shows the future of Intel's Atom processors that power the majority of netbook computers on the market today. The Atom has proven to be very successful for Intel and future versions will offer… Go To Full Article

DDR3 Phenom will speed up 5 percent

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We’ve learned that once AMD launches its Phenom II DDR3 versions in AM3 socket, this might boost your overall performance by up to 5 percent. This is not really miraculous, but all who go for a DDR3 platform might actually… Go To Full Article

2K Games, EA hop on the PhysX bandwagon

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Two major game makers have signed on the dotted line and will use PhysX technology in their future titles, Nvidia has announced. Both 2K Games and Electronic Arts plan to have their game development studios across the globe use the… Go To Full Article

NorthQ Giant Reactor 1000W Power Supply Review

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We've looked at lots of NorthQ units here at, some big and some small. Today though I'm taking a look at the Big Daddy of their lineup, the 1000W Giant Reactor. Come on in and see how it does. Go To Full Article

Leadtek GeForce 9500GT, 9800 GTX+, GTX 260/280

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Today we have an opportunity to examine some of the latest Leadtek products. In fact, the company has customized only the 9500GT series. Other cards are reference products with Leadtek stickers. Go To Full Article

Cooler Master ATCS 840 EATX

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One of the exciting features that is being worked on for Ubuntu 9.04 is encrypted home directories. What this means is that at install-time for either the LiveCD or server installation (or at a point later on when creating additional… Go To Full Article

Akasa 80+ 500w PSU Review

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Today we will have a look at another PSU from Akasa, the Power 80+ 500W. As the name suggests, the Power 80+ is a series of PSUs designed to deliver high efficiency and well balanced overall performance to mainstream users. Go To Full Article

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