2gb kit of OCZ Flex PC2-6400 CL3 memory

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Another memory competition but this time it's a kit of OCZ PC2-6400 2gb Flex memory. This kit has inbuilt water cooling capabilities and huge air cooled heatsinks. Designed to be the overclocker's dream, these modules are not something to be… Go To Full Article

Madshrimps' Suaside brings: Fallout 3 preview

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This preview is based on the demo shown at the Game Conference in Leipzig, Germany, by Pete Hines. It is the same demo shown at the earlier press showing and E3. Pete Hines noted that the demo build is 2… Go To Full Article

Foxconn releases MARS - first ‘overclocking’ motherboard

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FOXCONN unleashes the power with MARS Releases first ‘overclocking’ motherboard in new Quantum Force product line Beijing, China, August 30th 2007 – FOXCONN today officially announced the launch of its first true…

Nokia's iPhone -- no, seriously

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Oh come on, what the hell is that? A Nokia branded iPhone? It was presented during Nokia's GoPlay event this morning as a glimpse into the future of Nokia interface design. Oh, and it's due out next year. When pressed… Go To Full Article

Vadim preps universal GPU water cooling block

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MANUFACTURER OF FERRARI-STYLE exclusive PCs Vadim Computers has just entered the world of retail water-coolers. As it usually happens, every manufacturer tries to differentiate themselves from the others, but what these bright lads have done is a rather unique take… Go To Full Article

Vista Service Pack 1 details announced: timing, beta, more

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After months of speculation, rumor, and silence from Microsoft, the company is finally talking publicly about Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista. Microsoft says that the first public beta of Windows Vista SP1 will be available in the next few… Go To Full Article

AMD's 3GHz K10 to break 30,000 3DMark06

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LAST WEEK in Leipzig my kit was nicked, but before that happened we asked AMD if it would let us run memory benchmark scores on a system there. The reps gave us the company line and declined, so we decided… Go To Full Article

Nvidia CUDA - Tesla Benchmarked and Compared

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Where a GeForce 8800 Ultra needed almost four minutes to finish the task, a Core 2 Extreme QX6850 needed an hour, which is slower than a GeForce 8400 GS! The V8 does a little better but remains far from what… Go To Full Article

1.9 GHz Barcelona samples are out

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Barcelona 1.9 GHz has 95W TDP and that is not that great. The sources have confirmed that 1.9 GHz samples with 95W TDP in its Barcelona B1-stepping are already up and running and being testing in some European servers. The… Go To Full Article

Server Worth $1.5 Million Wrecked by Forklift

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An angry legal battle has broken out after an IBM server worth US$1.5 million was wrecked falling off a fork-lift truck being used to move it. T.R. Systems, a U.S. federal contractor, is suing IBM saying the Big Blue failed… Go To Full Article

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