Intel "copied everything from AMD"

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HECTOR RUIZ, AMD'S CEO, presumably headed back home after opening an R&D centre in Bangalore, took time off to talk to Gulf News, and said some interesting things. One was that every single innovation in computing technology… Go To Full Article

ESA Technology Explained

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nVidia is leading the industry on the adoption of a new royalty-free controlling and monitoring technology called ESA or Enthusiast System Architecture. The idea is to provide a standardize way to do the communications between these devices and the motherboard,… Go To Full Article

Kingston 2x1GB DDR2-533 Notebook Memory Review

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Sometimes in the pursuit of a new laptop one of the limiting factors is the price, and sometimes to save on price we will sacrifice the extra, but often needed memory. We all know that some manufacturers will charge up… Go To Full Article

Intel 45nm Yorkfield Runs On 975X Motherboard

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We've gotten more than a few inquiries from readers, since we launched our Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 (aka Yorkfield) article, about whether or not the new 45nm quad-core chip from Intel will play nice in legacy motherboards. The party… Go To Full Article

Firefox No Match for Microsoft

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State antitrust legislators submitted a brief to federal court that said some really interesting things. The brief was a sort of followup report in the long-standing federal antitrust case against Microsoft. Some of the things this report includes are:… Go To Full Article

Danger Den DD-29XT VGA Water Block

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Many might be wondering why spend money on a Video Card with a great cooler only to ripe it off and install an expensive VGA water block. The major reason why is it will cool the GPU and memory substantially… Go To Full Article

CompuStocx Diablo CSX XAC-1200 2GB Kit DDR2-1200/PC2-9600 Memory

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With the CSX XAC-1200 2GB kit we would like to take a look at the first DDR2-1200 memory kit from CompuStocx. CSX Diablo DDR2-1200 / PC2-9600 memory modules are specificated for memory voltages up to 2.40 V and… Go To Full Article

Exos-2 LX Liquid Cooling System and Koolance Water-Blocks Review

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We are offering you our tests of the complete kit for PC liquid cooling from Koolance. It is effective, beautiful, functional and expensive. Read our detailed review of this fantastic system that is absolutely worth the price they ask for… Go To Full Article

A Video Card War? . . .

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Digitimes reports that AMD will cut the prices of its HD 3850 and 3870 by $20. Given that the price of the GPU is probably around $75-100, this is a substantial cut. nVidia may follow,… Go To Full Article

E8400 versus E6850: Wolfdale dissected, Part 2

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PCGH made another test session with the 45nm dual-core part of Intel: The yet to be announced Wolfdale versus the 65nm older brother Conroe, both at 3 GHz and FSB1333. Crysis single player levels and CPU Score of 3D Mark… Go To Full Article

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