Beginners Guides: Converting Videotape Into Video Files

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As you may have noticed, the VCR is a dying technology. DVD players are now equivalent in price, and their disks have practically crowded VHS tapes right off the shelves of your neighborhood video store. Give it another three years… Go To Full Article

Asetek Receives $4 million in Venture Capital

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Broenderslev, Denmark – January 17, 2007 – Asetek, the market leader of thermal management solutions for semiconductors, announced today the investment of $4 million following the investment of $5 million closed last year. Northzone Ventures, Vaekstfonden, KT Venture Group, and…

Silverstone releases new 850W Modular Power Supply

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The ST85F is a very highend PSU, with many useful technical features for up to date and upcoming systems. With continuous combined… Go To Full Article

Super Talent Boosts Manufacturing Capacity in U.S.A. to 1.4 Million Units per Month

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Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of DRAM memory modules and flash products, has recently completed extensive upgrades and expansion to their San Jose manufacturing facility. The latest capacity increase makes Super Talent's headquarters the largest and most advanced memory… Go To Full Article

Intel to Ship One Million of Quad-Core Chips by Mid-2007

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Paul Otellini, chief executive of the world’s largest x86 microprocessor maker Intel Corp. said that his company was on track to ship one million of central processing units with four cores by mid-2007. The company did not reveal how many… Go To Full Article

AMD’s Fusion May Slip into Next Decade says AMD’s Chief Technologist

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The chief technology officer of Advanced Micro Devices – Phil Hester – said in an interview that the highly-discussed microprocessors that integrate both general processing and graphics processing capabilities will be in production only in late 2009, which essentially puts… Go To Full Article

Blu-ray loves porn after all

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I’M CONFUSED. I went to CES last week where I managed to get at least three or four conflicting reports about where Blu-ray going and how it’s going to get there. For instance, the Blu Ray Association had a very… Go To Full Article

2007 HDD Rundown: Can High Capacities Meet High Performance?

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It is estimated that a majority of desktop computers in the US use hard drives with capacities between 30 and 100 GB. While this might be sufficient for office use, your gigabytes will be eaten up quickly if you start… Go To Full Article

1 in 8 blokes would swap their lady for a "must-have" gadget?

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Alright, so we're taking this episode of propaganda quite lightly, but apparently an alarming amount of guys would give up their "must-have" woman for that "must-have" gizmo. Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GeForce 7950 GT

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Does Gigabyte's GeForce 7950 GT equipped GV-NX795T512H-RH 512 MB have the right stuff to deliver the deadly blow to ATI's RADEON X1900 XT 256 MB powerhouse? Will the extra 256MB of memory help? Go To Full Article

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