Xigmatek Achilles CPU Cooler

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The Xigmatek Achilles S1284 heatsink has many improvements over the famous HDT-S1283 cooler. There are now four U-shaped heatpipes, and they are nickel-plated. The fan design is new and unique as well, with its white LEDs that light up the… Go To Full Article

Intel X48, P45/43 and G45/43 in detail

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We have just released a report on Intel’s Series 4 Chipsets, including all technical details on X48, P45/43, G45/43 and the integrated X4500(HD) graphics. Go To Full Article

ASUS Eee PC 1000H Under The Covers

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Eee PC 1000H is Taiwan’s version of the latest Eee PC launched by ASUS late in 2007. Since then, like a wildfire the Eee PC revolution has burned asunder all competition before it. There is literally no other genré of… Go To Full Article

INEO I-NA305J External JBOD Enclosure

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With Digital Convergence finally becoming a reality, the first thing were all starting to notice is that we NEED more storage. USB Hard Drive Enclosures have been helping fill this void as its an easy way to quickly expand the… Go To Full Article

Silenx Ixtrema ICX-HA2 CPU Cooler Review

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We’ve seen a number of fan manufacturers branch out into the CPU cooler business, with mixed success. CPU coolers are a lot different than fans, but if a company pays attention to quality, they typically do well., well-known retailers… Go To Full Article

Koolance CPU-340 Water Block Review

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If it's a very clean, contemporary looking CPU water block you're looking for that can easily cool your dual or quad core processor, then the CPU-340 is for you. And if you happen to need that little extra something to… Go To Full Article

CoolerMaster Hyper 212 CPU Cooler Review

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CoolerMaster has a wide assortment of heatpipe-based coolers, and one of their newest releases is the Hyper 212. The construction has multiple heatpipes in a tower design, but not just any tower design. The Hyper 212 sports a dual tower… Go To Full Article

SilenX ICX-120HA2 Extreme CPU Cooler Review

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The main concerns with the design was whether or not the base components made a good enough contact to properly dissipate the heat. The SilenX ICX-120HA2 CPU Cooler has a nice design "change of base" that seems to really have… Go To Full Article

Four Radeon HD 4850s In CrossfireX

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It seems that the Hot Fix driver should simply be called the “Increase your 3DMark score” driver. Apart from the two synthetic benchmarks, the only game to really see an increase in performance was Unreal Tournament 3. Outside of that,… Go To Full Article

Seagate Ready to Acquire NAND Source

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Industry insiders are talking about what move Seagate Technology, the world's largest and most successful disk drive maker, is going to make to get into a better position in the NAND flash market. Analyst Daniel Amir of… Go To Full Article

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