Asus En7900 Gs Top

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If a video card that's fully warranteed and highly overclocked from the factory strikes your fancy, we may have just the video card for you! We'll show you what you can expect from the ASUS EN7900 GS TOP in some… Go To Full Article

CoolerMaster Stacker 830

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Today we take a look at the Stacker 830 from CoolerMaster, which is their most prestigious model, and a successor to a very popular original Stacker case. The first Stacker case was a very popular choice for enthusiasts, since it… Go To Full Article

How to get a PC quiet by using soundproof mats

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Silent case fans, CPU fans and graphics card fans are a way to get a PC reasonably quiet, but even the quietest fans still produce an audible noise. Some manufacturers have developed sound proof mats to be placed on the… Go To Full Article

OCZ DDR2 PC2-9200 FlexXLC

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Corsair took the heatspreader and added activity LED’s, which was a pretty cool idea, and while it does nothing for the performance, case modders got very excited about these modules. Shortly after a few other memory module makers copied the… Go To Full Article

Pentium 4 used to smuggle Heroin?

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COPPERS at the El Dorado Airport in Bogotá were intriged by the batch of eight "commercially packaged, advanced computer processors" they discovered on their way from Colombia to Miami. According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration Office of Forensic Sciences,… Go To Full Article

Hynix Announces Industry’s First 60nm 1Gb DDR2 800MHz Based Modules

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SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hynix Semiconductor today introduced a family of components and high capacity modules, based on the industry’s first 60nm 1Gb DDR2 DRAM. Hynix is also the first DRAM supplier to be validated by Intel on the 1Gb DDR2… Go To Full Article

Xigmatek AIO-S80DP Compact All-In-One CPU Water Cooler

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In the year 2005 the created company Xigmatek was written on the flag to supply the market with impressing products in outstanding quality. Youngest branch is the universally usable processor radiator AIO-S80DP, whereby the contraction AIO stands for universe in… Go To Full Article

VIZO Uranus & Saturno eSATA HDD Enclosures

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We are in the age of mobile data and removable media. You can see it all around us. Most industry professionals keep a portable computing device in close company, and nearly everyone carries a USB flash drive on them. Cell… Go To Full Article

VIZO Paragon HHD Enclosure

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The VIZO Paragon is described as a "2.5 inch One touch Backup HDD External Enclosure". Put very simply, you drop a laptop drive into one of these cases, and then attach the USB cable... you have an external hard drive.… Go To Full Article

JetArt SL1800 Slim CPU Cooler

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" Ok, yesterday we looked at the JetArt SL1600 Slim CPU Cooler, today we have what might be considered its big brother, the SL1800 Slim CPU Cooler. The SL1800 is basically the same as the SL1600 except thicker, and thus… Go To Full Article

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