Death by electric fan

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Fan death is an urban legend that originated in South Korea, but has since spread to other countries in the Far East. The belief is that an electric fan, if left running overnight in a closed room, can result in… Go To Full Article

10 Speed Tweaks that can make a huge difference in Vista performance

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This much-loathed new Vista feature attempts to protect your system from malware infection by making you manually confirm a whole host of everyday user operations. While it doesn’t directly impact performance, it can be annoying and might be more hassle… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA G92 is a high-end chip, sports 384-bit controller

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RUMOUR HAS IT that upcoming G92 is a mainstream chip, not the high-end refresh that the net has been wibbling about. Well, we can tell you that this rumour is nothing else but a bit of good old FUD, since… Go To Full Article

Intel DDR2/3 boards are not that great

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An Intel engineer that really knows his way in the chipset market has confirmed that combo boards with DDR2 and DDR3 are not such a great solution. The reason is quite simple as you cannot correctly and optimally wire the… Go To Full Article

ATI RV670 has close to R600 performance

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Our well informed sources have said that RV670 mainstream chip will be as fast as some high end chips but it will be priced in the mid range. It won’t cost more than $200 per card, but the performance itself… Go To Full Article

AMD K11 has 8 to 16 cores

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AMD K11, codenamed Bulldozer, is the chip that is scheduled for early 2009. This will be the chip that should take care of high end market and co exist with overhyped Fusion. K11 will have 8 to… Go To Full Article

Nvidia cheats in HD HQV test?

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We've had a chance to see and hear what might be the first the AMD's counter Nvidia presentation and DAAMIT guys have got some nice proof that Nvidia has been dishonest. A lot of people will simply call this FUD.… Go To Full Article

What Vista SP1 Means To You

@ 2007/08/31 read/post comments(0) has an interview with Nick White, Microsoft's Vista Product Manager, covering the upcoming release of Vista SP1. The interview goes over some of the new features, how the change will affect admins, and how Microsoft decides if a change… Go To Full Article

Student and Professor Build Budget Supercomputer

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This past winter Calvin College professor Joel Adams and then Calvin senior Tim Brom built Microwulf, a portable supercomputer with 26.25 gigaflops peak performance, that cost less than $2,500 to construct, becoming the most cost-efficient supercomputer anywhere that Adams knows… Go To Full Article

Honeywell, in cooperation with the Borg, develop self-healing HDMI cable

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Yesterday there was Monster Cable's Speed-Rated HDMI cables and today, Honeywell's CURxE self-healing cable. Sounds like someone in the marketing department decided that the error correcting built into the HDMI spec wasn't good 'nough and told the engineers to incorporate… Go To Full Article

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