GIGABYTE H55/H57 IGP OC Challenge

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Next to the HWBOT OC Challenge, which mainly focuses on the old-skool part of overclocking, GIGABYTE has launched an H55/H57 IGP overclocking competition. We will be competing against each other using the brand new 32nm Core i3/i5 processors which have… Go To Full Article

MSI R5770 HAWK Radeon HD 5770 Review

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It is a neat card, it is an excellent price, and it pushes the limits of design for the highly competitive market that it resides in. While other manufacturers are introducing overclocked cards, many of these are using the reference… Go To Full Article

Ubisoft's DRM cracked ?

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The whole system revolved around a set of servers, run by Ubisoft, to authenticate gamers through their accounts. When asked by Gamespy how gamers would react to its latest scheme, the French publisher replied, "we think most people are… Go To Full Article

AMD Six-Core Thuban Shown At Cebit

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We had a nice photo shoot with a working engineering model of AMD's upcoming Thuban six-core CPU. The upcoming Phenom II X6 Thuban is still in its early stages and AMD simply wanted to show that it works on AM3… Go To Full Article

Newegg Customers Get Empty "Demo" Intel CPU Boxes.. Core i7 "inside"?

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From the outside of the box, you can see where a cursory glance would pass these off as real. Once you open the box, which is supposed to be sealed till it gets to the customer, you can easily see… Go To Full Article

Turn Your Body Into Your I/O with Skinput

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Electronic devices are getting smaller, and so are their interfaces. If you’ve ever had problems typing on your mobile, or changing a song on your iPod while jogging, Chris Harrison has the answer. His Skinput prototype is a system that… Go To Full Article

ATI 2D Performance Issues To Be Fixed in Catalyst 10.4 Release

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According to our info 2D performance, or to be precise a lack thereof on AMD's HD 5000 series cards should be fixed with the upcoming ATI Catalyst 10.4 drivers and that the problem is actually driver based. … Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity delayed to end of March?

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The ATI Radeon HD 5870 Eyefinity edition, which has been demonstrated all the way back in November 2009, was finally set to see release next week. However, Fudzilla's sources from Cebit claim ATI have once again delayed the HD 5870… Go To Full Article

Gelid shows its GPU coolers

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Gelid will have two versions of the VGA coolers, one for high end and other for mid-range and entry-level cards. The big one will feature dual fans with a total of five heatpipes and two heatsinks. The smaller one targets… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 470 To Feature 2x6-Pin Power Connectors, 220W TDP

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According to our sources, the GTX 470 will indeed have only two 6-pin connectors. Of course, bare in mind that we are still talking about information that didn't come directly from Nvidia and that there were some talk about PCB… Go To Full Article

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