AMD socket AM2 riser board spotted

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HKEPC website has pictures of the next generation Asrock AM2 riser board. As most of you would probably know, Asrock has future proofed its AMD motherboards by giving a Future port slot in which you can plug a card to…

HighPoint RocketRAID 2320 Controller

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Today we are going to introduce to you a hardware RAID 5 controller from HighPoint that supports SATA-II and SATA150 hard disk drive, advanced PCI-Express interface, both command queuing technologies, such as TCQ and NCQ. This controller demonstrated pretty good…

SilverStone SG01s Case

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Creating a small form factor (SFF) enclosure without a proprietary motherboard or power supply is a challenge that few companies want to face. For SilverStone, this intriguing challenge was welcomed with open arms and our engineers created yet another segment-defining…

Aerocool ExtremEngine 3T Computer Case PREVIEW

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In the world of computers, the notion of "bigger is better" does not always hold true. In fact, for most things computer related, smaller is better. After all, smaller for the most part means better efficiency and…

Xtrac Pads Mouse Mats

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Most people that games have a mouse mat, whether it be a frosted glass beauty or a battered old Lara Croft thick foam edition. Some people even decide to go without a mouse mat. That was what I was doing…

7900 GTX specification confirmed

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A source has let us know the specifications for the upcoming 7900 GTX. The part will allegedly have the following specification; a core clock of 650 MHz; a memory clock of 2.0 GHz; 24 pixel pipes, not 32 as predicted…

Gainward BLISS 6800 GS ‘Goes like hell’ 512MB

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Easily the fastest 6800 GS available, but is the price worth it? Gainward’s BLISS 6800 GS GLH is no reference board. Sure, the core headroom is still up to the gods, but the memory headroom will destroy…

AMD removes 100 series Opteron pricing

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A TECH Report review commented that AMD had removed the pricing of its 100 series Opteron processors. Checking the chip maker's Web site confirmed that was true. The processor model numbers are still there but the prices have been asterisked…

DIY HD HTPC Extravaganza - Part 1: The Cases

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The last time we took a crack at building a Home Theater PC (HTPC), we opted for a slimline case from Hiper. However, this resulted in many problems with hardware installation and heat dissipation inside the case. Since then, numerous…

Albatron 6600-512

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The 6600-512 by Albatron was meant to outperform the cards like the GeForce 6800 and even rival the 6600GT. While it may come up a bit short if those cards are overclocked, Albatron has provided an alternative solution

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