AMD outlines plans for future processors

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During its four-hour Financial Analyst Day presentation today, AMD revealed new elements of its processor roadmap spanning the next couple of years, as well as its plans to scale beyond the current multi-core model. Intel talked about processors with "tens… Go To Full Article

Corsair demos PC2-10000 (DDR2-1250) at Computex

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Corsair has demonstrated DDR2-1250 on Computex2006 (PC2-10000). Is conforms to NVIDIA EPP □, it provides □now DDR2 □to save most Gao?chun: PC2-10000. Go To Full Article

3DMark 2007 Screenshots leaked

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Intel demonstrated their Quad Core CPU with this brand new benchmark from Futuremark, check it out Go To Full Article

5 Things You Can Do With Old Hard Drives

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Projects include: a Hard Drive Speaker, Tesla Turbine, Hard Driver Domonoes, HDD Grinder, and a Hard Drive Computer Case Go To Full Article

Fellowship of the Ring - HD vs DVD

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Being amazed at how fantastic the HD transfer of Fellowship of the Ring looked, I decided to compare it to the transfer on the DVD. Now, the DVD transfer is among the best you can find on DVD, so this… Go To Full Article

BenQ Announces Widescreen LCD Monitors for Gamers

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BenQ today announced four new LCD monitors designed specifically for gamers. The lineup includes the high-end 24-inch at $1499, a more economical 24-inch at $1299, a mid-range 22-inch at $549, and an entry level 19-inch at $299. Resolutions range from… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Mozart TX Entertainment Center Case

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"There's something about Thermaltake‚Äôs Mozart TX that is uncommon in cases; something beyond its aluminum construction, minimalist styling and size. It's potential. With all its compartmentalization, easy access, and big, empty spaces, Thermaltake's Mozart TX is designed for customization. This… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master 850W Real Power Pro

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"I was quite impressed with the quality of heat sinks that Cooler Master used in this supply. Upon inspection, they appear to be pieces of Aluminium T-channel that has been cut to act as heat sinks for the SCRs (Silicon… Go To Full Article

Crucial 10th Anniversary DDR2 PC2-5300 2GB Kit

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Crucial, for a limited time, offered 10th Anniversary kits of PC2-5300 memory. Little did anyone know these were monsterous overclockers in disguise. Commonly criticized for releasing this Anniversary kit in only PC2-5300 DDR 667 there was more than met the… Go To Full Article

Jetart SL1600 & SL1800 Slim CPU Coolers

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Since the testing was completed, I decided to remove the mounting bracket, and I found that the it had firmly stuck itself to the back of the motherboard. After 10 minutes of fighting with the foam pad, I eventually used… Go To Full Article

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